What is a Continental Breakfast

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Just got time enough for a quick breakfast? How about a continental breakfast then?

What is a continental breakfast? It is a light meal consisting of coffee (and variations of it like cappuccino or latté), tea, milk, hot chocolate, orange juice, croissant, bagel, and butter or jam. Its expanded version includes slices of ham, a bowl of cereal, or eggs (poached, sunny side up, or scrambled). All these make up a continental breakfast but it is entirely up to you if you want to add slices of fruit or wedges of cheese into your breakfast plate.

A continental breakfast is the standard breakfast menu in hotels, motels, and inns around the world. In fact, no stay at any of these places would be complete without this inclusion in the package of amenities. If you’re a traveler, you would always want to have this in the list of amenities and rightly so. Even breakfast buffets have a continental spread for guests who want a wonderful start to their morning. It has become so much popular and appreciated because it’s something to look forward to after waking up in a place away from home.

Why is it called a continental breakfast?

Well, there’s really nothing deep about the etymology of this except that it pays homage to the European continent’s way of eating “cold” and “lighter” breakfast as opposed to the English who prefer their morning meals cooked the traditional way e.g. porridge, eggs, baked beans, ham, and fried tomato wedges and mushrooms.

Why is it offered as a permanent fixture in hotels, motels, and inns?

Don’t forget to add restaurants, all-night diners, and in-flight meals. Well, because it’s simple, filling, easy to prepare, and very pleasing breakfast fare for guests. If you think about it, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a yummy treat of brewed coffee/tea/milk/hot chocolate, toast/croissant, butter/jam, eggs, orange juice, and fruit?

If it’s easy to prepare, does it mean it’s cheap?

Not at all. In fact, many hotels choose only the finest products and brands to make up a continental breakfast. The easy part refers to the time the breakfast meal is prepared since no elaborate prep and lengthy cooking time is involved. Don’t be surprised to find gourmet food finding its way into your continental breakfast plate.   

Is a continental breakfast good for the body?

Absolutely, because it is light and filling but it is precisely because of these reasons that your body will burn it very easily especially if you have a physically taxing day ahead. It will be sufficient to sustain you until lunch time, at least.

When booking your accommodations, make sure to ask the front desk about having the continental breakfast included in your package. If it’s not, book your stay somewhere else. Also, continental breakfast offerings are best served buffet style where you can have a variety of breakfast combinations with unlimited servings of coffee or tea. It might look to you like just another breakfast meal but you have to agree, it’s a wonderful idea. Bon Appetit!


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