How To Understand the Quality of Belgian Chocolate

Chocolates are one of the best desserts in the world. There are different types of chocolates, but it is certain that the best type of chocolate is the Belgian chocolate. Belgian chocolate is also the gourmet standard that is used in measuring the quality of other chocolates. Belgian chocolates have been in production for many years. Yet, they are still unbeaten by other chocolates when it comes to taste. There is a certain characteristic of Belgian chocolate that keeps you wanting more. Just the sight of Belgian chocolates is enough to make a person yearn for a bite. The texture and richness of the ingredients used in Belgian chocolates do not compare to any other chocolate. It is more velvety compared to other chocolates. So what is it that makes these Belgian chocolates so special?

Here are some of the reasons why Belgian chocolate is considered special and the best of its kind:

  1. Quality of ingredients. One of the factors that makes a Belgian chocolate so special is the ingredients used in making the chocolates. The recipe for Belgian chocolate has been around for many years, and other chocolate companies try to copy this recipe to no avail.
  2. Process of production - Belgian chocolates are still manufactured using old, trusted techniques. Most if not all of the Belgian chocolates that are sold are still made by hand. They also make these chocolates using the same equipment that they used to manufacture chocolates in the olden times. This makes the technique used in making these chocolates very special.
  3. Couvertur. Couvertur is a process that was created by Jean Neuhaus in the year 1912. Couvertur is the outer chocolate shell of what we now know today as pralines. These pralines can be filled with different ingredients, such as hazelnut, fruit, chocolate or toffee. Some of the brands of these pralines that are still available today are Godiva, Leonidas and Nirvana.
  4. Storage. The storage of the chocolates also plays a big factor in making Belgian chocolate special. Belgian chocolate companies get their chocolates in melted form. This makes the flavor and aroma more intense than that of other chocolates that have already been cooled and need to be reheated before creating chocolates.

These are some of the reasons why Belgian chocolates are still the top choice for gourmet chocolates. Belgian chocolates have been around for plenty of years but are still living up to their reputation as being the best handmade chocolates in the whole world. This is the reason why Belgian chocolates are so expensive. The money that you pay for these chocolates is worth the quality of the chocolates that you are going to eat. Belgian chocolates are the weaknesses of chocoholics and dessert lovers around the world. Belgium can be considered the chocolate capital of the world. A lot of tourists and chocolate enthusiasts visit Belgium in order to get to see the chocolate shops in action. Belgian chocolates will definitely still be ranked number one for more years to come.


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