How To Choose Meditation Clothing

Meditation is defined by Wikipedia as "a state in which the body is consciously relaxed and the mind is allowed to become calm and focused." There are many different ways to meditate and relieve stress, many of them based on spiritual practices drawn from Eastern religions. As medical professionals learn more and more about meditation, they've found that it has many benefits for our physical and mental health, including the reduction of stress and all the physical problems that accompany stress.

Depending on the meditation technique you choose, you may want to buy specific meditation clothing. Many websites offer specific clothing types such as robes or kimonos, clothing for meditation that involves movement (such as yoga) or simple tunic and pant combinations.

The following information will help you as you choose meditation clothing.

  1. Choose clothing that is comfortable. You don't want clothing that pinches your belly, legs or arms. You will want to choose clothing that sits loosely over all of your skin without being constricting. You should be able to get into whatever positions you use for meditation without noticing that your clothing is restricting your movements.
  2. Your clothing should breathe and allow air to get to your skin. It should be made of natural fibers (like cotton or silk) and feel good on your skin.
  3. Think about the environment you're meditating in. If you're meditating outdoors, you'll want clothing appropriate for the weather. The same is true if the room you meditate in feels warm or cold. If you're doing meditation that causes sweating (like yoga), you may want to wear minimal clothing or clothing that keeps the sweat away from your body. Conversely, if you're doing meditation techniques that don't involve much movement, you may feel chilled after sitting still for a few minutes and may want to consider having an extra layer of clothing at hand.
  4. Choose clothing you like. If you feel silly wearing a specific outfit, you'll have problems meditating. Your mind will be focused on your clothing and how you feel about it rather than the actual meditation. The color of your clothing does not really matter, unless you feel a certain color helps with your meditation technique.
  5. For most meditation techniques, you don't have to go out and buy specific meditation clothes, unless you feel it would help focus your mind or make you more comfortable. For the most part, a cotton T-shirt, cotton pants, and a zip-up sweatshirt are all you need.


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