How To Find a Lasik Surgeon

Looking for a Lasik surgeon?  Many people struggle with poor vision and yearn for a reasonable solution.  Lasik surgery can dramatically improve your vision, and Lasik surgeons are becoming increasingly easier to find.  But when eyes are concerned, you can't be too careful.  Find the best possible Lasik surgeon in your area.

  1. Ask lots of questions, even when you feel they might be considered prying, unfriendly or disrespectful to the Lasik surgeon.  You must be certain that your eyes will be in good hands.  Check out 50 Tough Questions For Your Lasik Doctor for a list of pertinent questions to ask.  Be sure to ask for specific info on how many times the Lasik surgeon has performed the procedure and how long she's been performing it.  Ask for statistics on success rate and enhancement surgery, and don't hesitate to ask the Lasik surgeon for contact information of people who have had the procedure done by this particular surgeon.  
  2. Medicine is in a constant state of development and evolution, so you should find a Lasik surgeon who stays on top of the most recent developments and concerns.  When looking for a Lasik surgeon who reads all the most recent literature and keeps abreast of all new developments concerning Lasik surgery, consider making an appointment with one who practices in an academic center, or who has regular dealings with the academic medical community in your area.  For example, if I'm living in Seattle, I might check out the Lasik surgeons associated with the University of Washington.  I can rest assured that their doctors are not locked away in an ivory tower far removed from medical advancements, but instead are exposed to them all the time.
  3. Talk to your trusted eye doctor if you have one in your area, or talk to your primary care doctor.  Ask for advice and opinion on the best Lasik surgeons in the region.  Though the medical community is expansive, you'd be surprised how many doctors know one another either personally or by reputation.
  4. If you live in a remote area where Lasik surgeons are scarce, you might want to consider traveling to a larger metropolitan area for this procedure; chances are, the Lasik surgeons you find in a large city will have more experience than a smaller office, and experience is very important!
  5. At this point, you very possibly don't know if Lasik is the best operation to correct your vision.  That is for the Lasik surgeon to determine.  Therefore, you must find a Lasik surgeon whose knowledge and expertise extends well beyond the confinements of that one operation.  Find a surgeon who can confidently advise you as to what operation, if any, would be best for you.  The Lasik surgeon should ideally be able to perform other operations and have a proven record of it. 
  6. All of the usual resources available for finding any service locally are available when it comes to finding a Lasik surgeon.  You can search results online for local Lasik surgeons, or search the phone book as well.  Several websites offer tools for finding a Lasik surgeon, such as The American Academy of Ophthalmology and  But if you schedule a consultative appointment with a Lasik surgeon you found this way, make sure in the interview that this doctor is as qualified as you could hope.
  7. Don't accept advertisements at face value.  Don't fall prey to attractive glossy ads for Lasik Surgeons; the ad designer is not going to be operating on your eyes, and it doesn't matter how attractive an ad is if the Lasik surgeon has little relevant experience.
  8. Be suspicious of Lasik Surgeons who offer their services at cheap prices - sometimes you get what you pay for.  Don't take any unacceptable risks with your eyes!

There's always a certain amount of risk in any surgical procedure, but finding the best possible Lasik surgeon will reduce the level of risk substantially.  So go out there, ask the unpleasant questions, do the research and get the facts about Lasik surgeons to find the best one in your area.


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