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  • How To Cure Brain Freeze

    Brain freeze is an actual medical condition and extremely uncomfortable, unless you know how to cure brain freeze.
  • How To Detect Melanoma

    What's the difference between a mole and melanoma? Find out how to detect melanoma and save yourself from skin cancer.
  • How To Find and Keep True Happiness

    Do you want to be truly happy? Learn tips for being ultimately content, satisfied with life. Here’s how to find and keep true happiness.
  • How To Exude Confidence

    Want to look more confident and have people respect you? Find tips for building, boosting, and exuding confidence. Here’s how to exude confidence.
  • How To Determine if Hip Replacement Surgery Is Right for you

    Considering a hip replacement? Learn about how the operation could affect you. Here's how to determine if hip replacement surgery is right for you.
  • How To Cope with Noise Anxiety

    If noise anxiety is disrupting your life, try these personal health tips to cope with noise and noise anxiety.
  • How To Deal with a Manic Depressive

    Want to help a person with manic depressive disorder? Get health tips to learn about manic depressives. Here's how to deal with a manic depressive.
  • How To Deal with a Hemorrhagic Stroke

    Need help dealing with hemorrhagic stroke conditions? Learn about hemorrhagic stroke treatments. Here's how to deal with a hemorrhagic stroke.
  • How To Deal with a Family Member Suffering from Mental Illness

    Need help dealing with mental illness in the family? Try these health tips. Here's how to deal with a family member suffering from mental illness.
  • How To Diagnose Vocal Cord Paralysis

    Find out the signs and symptoms to recognize in order to diagnose vocal cord paralysis and whether you should seek vocal cord treatment.
  • How To Cure Sinus Infection

    Among all the remedies to cure sinus infection, these are typically the most effect sinus remedies for pressure and pain relief.
  • How To Cure Herpes Naturally

    Before you resort to chemical treatments, try these natural remedies to cure herpes and stop herpes attacks.
  • How To Cure Hepatitis C with Silver

    Looking for ways to treat Hepatitis C? Learn about using silver colloidal to control Hepatitis C symptoms. Here's how to cure Hepatitis C with silver.
  • How To Create a Personal Timeline

    Create a visual depiction of your life and times with these tips on how to create a personal timeline.
  • How To Remove Plantar’s Warts

    Plantar's warts can be particularly uncomfortable and hard to get rid of, but these wart removal tips will get rid of your plantar's warts in no time.
  • How To Cope After a Male-to-Female Sex Change

    A male-to-female sex change is going to force you to cope with more than just recovery from surgery but a host of private and social issues, but the future is bright.
  • How To Cope When Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

    Need help coping with MS? Learn about ways to manage and prepare for living with MS. Here's how to cope when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
  • How To Detect Early Symptoms of Diabetes

    Before someone develops diabetes, there is a pre-diabetic stage where you can detect early symptoms of diabetes and hopefully prevent a diabetic condition.
  • How To Read Pulse Oximeters

    Follow these steps to accurately read pulse oximeters and get a reliable blood oxygen reading from the oximeter.
  • How To Choose a Wheelchair

    If you need to choose a wheelchair for your own or someone else's use, look here for advice on where to begin picking out the style of wheelchair and features you need.
  • How To Choose an Over-the-Counter Cold Remedy

    Not every cold is the same; so take cold drugs that will remedy the symptoms. Here is a guide to choosing an over-the-counter cold remedy.
  • How To Use an AED

    Here's how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) which will helpanyone experiencing a cardiac arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat.
  • How To Find Your Pulse

    Taking your pulse occasionally can keep you on track with heart health. Follow the steps below on how to take your pulse.
  • How To Treat Flu

    Remember: Self medication at home is okay only if your vital signs remain normal and manageable. Here's how to treat the flu.
  • How To Care for Someone with Epilepsy

    If someone you care for has epilepsy you will want to know what to expect during a seizure and how to help the epileptic person.
  • How To Calculate LDL Cholesterol

    Get a better sense of your cholesterol situation with these steps to calculate LDL cholesterol from your triglyceride count.
  • How To Treat Bunions

    If you have bunions on your feet, you know how painful and even embarrassing they can be. Fortunately, bunions aren't forever, not with bunion treatment options.
  • How To Heal a Lip Sore

    A cold sore on your lip is a miserable thing. Not only does it hurt and affect your eating and speaking, it looks awful! Here are tips for getting rid of a cold sore...
  • How To Unclog Your Clogged Ear

    If your ear gets clogged by wax, a careless effort to clean it out could puncture your eardrum. Get your ear unclgged safely by following these steps.
  • How To Read Medical Blood Lab Test Results

    Understanding what your doctor wants you to know about your health is important. One way to gain understanding is to review the results of your blood tests.
  • How To Care for Someone who's had Bone Marrow Transplants

    Bone marrow transplants leave the patient in a critical health position, and they will need care and support to pull through and recover as well and quickly as they can.
  • How To Buy Pain Meds Online

    Buying medications is riskier when done online, and may pose danger to your health. Here's how to safely buy pain meds online.
  • How To Care for a Person After Having a Grand Mal Seizure

    Knowing what to do when someone has a grand mal seizure will keep you from panicking and protect the patient from getting hurt. Safety and kindness are the watchwords.
  • How To Get Rid of a Bladder Infection Quickly

    Urinary tract infections are painful and can make you very sick if they're allowed to get worse. Besides taking the antibiotics prescribed for you, here are ways to...
  • How To Cleanse Your Body of Lead

    Lead is a common environmental contaminant and is very toxic to our health, so we could all use a way to cleanse our body of lead.
  • How To Clear Head Congestion

    Get rid of the pain and discomfort of head congestion with these decongestant alternatives, some of which you can use all at once to relieve your congestion.
  • How To Clean Beltone Hearing Aids

    Try out these hearing aid cleaning tips to clean your Beltone hearing aid properly for good hygiene and the best performance from your hearing aid.
  • How To Clean and Sew an Open Wound

    If medical assistance isn't available, you can do your own first aid on an open wound and follow these steps to clean and sew an open wound to prevent infection.
  • How To Avoid Swine Flu Naturally

    Warding off a dangerous flu virus without using drugs takes some thought. You have to decide which health factors are in your control and how to expand them.
  • How To Clear Sinus Congestion

    If you have sinus congestion and sinus pain, one of these sinus pressure remedies is sure to bring you quick relief and drain your sinuses.
  • How To Clear Your Sinuses

    Clogged sinuses can be terribly distracting and painful, so try a few of these natural remedies to clear your sinuses and get relief from sinus pain and pressure.
  • How To Wrap an Ankle with an Ace Bandage

    Ouch, a sprained ankle is bad news. Your ankle might hurt for weeks. Supporting the injured joint with an Ace bandage will help it heal. Here's how to use one.
  • How To Avoid Mistakes in Measuring High Blood Pressure

    Getting an accurate reading when someone is trying to watch his blood pressure is crucial for the patient to get the right treatment. High blood pressure can be fatal.
  • How To Beat Loneliness

    Tired of being lonely and feeling all alone? Get tips to overcome isolation and become happy. Here's how to beat loneliness.
  • How To Avoid Using Decongestants

    Decongestants are a popular remedy, but often have side effects. Learn to fight clogged noses and sinuses while avoiding the use of a decongestant.
  • How To Avoid Depression while on Dialysis

    If you are a kidney disease sufferer on a regular dialysis treatment, here are some tips on how you can keep your spirits high regardless of your situation.
  • How To Aid a Rusty Nail Wound

    Need help treating a wound made by a rusty nail? Get first aid tips for taking care of nail wounds. Here's how to aid a rusty nail wound.
  • How To Administer Liquid Oral Medications

    When someone you're caring for needs a liquid medication delivered orally, getting the right dose is the most important step. Here's what to know.
  • How To Accept Your Illness

    Everyone should life to its fullest, even if there is not much time left. Here tips on how to accept your illness and continue on with your life.
  • How To Use Energy Healing to Overcome Addiction

    Energy healing techniques can help to clear energy blockages and promote healing that allows us to overcome addiction and resist temptations.