Benefit from Kombucha

Kombucha has long been a popular product in other countries, but it is fast gaining recognition in American households in recent times. It is not a mushroom contrary to what most believe, but it is a product of symbiosis between yeast and bacteria. When tea (black or green variety) and sugar are mixed with kombucha, a fermentation process produces the "tea", which is a fluid having B vitamins, vinegar, and a plethora of other chemical composites. Kombucha is popularly concocted by getting a starter item from a culture that is on hand and developing a fresh colony in a fresh jar.

Kombucha is credited for a number of medicinal benefits. However, as of the moment there have been no trials conducted on humans reported in peer-reviewed journals. This, however, does not discredit the supposed health benefits of kombucha, it only means that as of the moment, except for experiments on laboratory animals, there's no solid proof that kombucha delivers what it is touted to offer.

The following benefits were provided by individuals who have reported experiencing cures or other forms of benefits from using kombucha, these are:

  • Weight loss. Kombucha tea has been credited with helping reduce weight. This is due to the capacity of kombucha to improve a person's metabolism.
  • Hinders acid reflux. Kombucha is popularly used to prevent acid reflux because it has the power to aid the body in digesting foods.
  • Aids digestion. Kombucha has been noted to help in the digestion of heavy meals.
  • Relieves constipation. Another benefit discovered from the use of kombucha is its power to relieve constipation.
  • Boosts energy. Because of its power to help in eliminating body toxins, kombucha has been known to give energy to the body. When body toxins are eliminated, our system can function smoothly, and that is why kombucha is known as an energy booster.
  • Recovery drink. Kombucha is noted for helping those going through training and workouts recover lost energy. This is particularly helpful among those who are going through cardiovascular and resistance training.
  • Facilitates sleep. There's a calming effect provided by the acid extracted from the kombucha. This is very helpful to those who are suffering from sleep disorders.
  • Defends the immune system. The acid that kombucha produces has the effect of an antibiotic, which assists the body in warding off diseases.
  • Strengthens hair. It also has the potential in helping the strengthening or restoring of hair.
  • Better skin complexion. A number of kombucha users also note that it gives them better skin complexion and tighter skin tone.
  • Reduces the degree of hangover. Another benefit of using kombucha is its help in lowering the intensity of hangovers.

Take note, however, that a number of those who used kombucha discovered certain side effects. Some of the reported side effects of kombucha are allergic reactions, yellowing of skin, nausea and throwing up, and one suspected death.

To conclude, there has been no sufficient study conducted to determine the benefits and side effects of kombucha. It is best, therefore, to avoid this until sufficient proofs have been released to support its alleged benefits and disprove the supposed side effects.


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