Benefit from Lecithin

Lecithin is a lipid that can be found in most natural food sources such as eggs, dairy products, vegetables, corn, legumes, fish and meats.  But probably its most popular source today is the soybean, an important source of protein and vegetable oil that is used in many meat-substitute products in the market today.  People who want to keep their diet in check are often advised to take lecithin supplements because of its many benefits.

  • Improves memory.  Acetylcholine, a chemical substance that asks as a messenger of the brain to different parts of the nervous system, is produced by the help of choline found in lecithin.  Research findings show that people who ingest lecithin gain a significant improvement in memory test scores and have fewer occurrences of memory lapses.  This is the reason why lecithin is believed to boost memory performance and helps improve memory retention. It could possibly help in improving the memory of those stricken with Alzheimer's disease.  And the best part?  Effects are seen immediately, so you don't have to wait a decade for it to take effect.
  • Lowers cholesterol.  Lecithin is composed mostly of fat that sticks to the cell and nerve lining forming a sheath, preventing other harmful fats from sticking.  Basically it makes these linings slippery enough to not let any other harmful fats, like cholesterol, from being absorbed by the body.  Increased lecithin intake is said to significantly lower your cholesterol levels, preventing further complications that may arise.
  • Prevents coronary disease.  Because of its adhering properties, lecithin makes the linings of arteries and other nerves slippery, preventing fat and cholesterol build up, which is the main cause of most coronary diseases that eventually lead to heart attack.
  • Liver protection.  Lecithin is also known to protect and repair livers that have been severely damaged by excessive consumption of alcohol.  Increased alcohol intake is said to be damaging to the liver, which filters out bad organisms from being absorbed by the body.
  • Women.  Lecithin is beneficial to women during pregnancy in maintaining good health conditions and actually aids in ideal infant development.  Research has also found that it promotes healthy breast cells and glandular functioning, causing it to be included in many breast enhancement supplements in the market.
  • Men.  The male semen which is produced in ejaculation actually contains a significant amount of lecithin.  Men who regularly take soy lecithin supplements have been found to have increased production of prostate secretions, consequently increasing the amount of semen produced during ejaculation.

Lecithin supplements are readily available in the market today, and many consumer products have sprung up in recent years promoting soy and its health benefits.  If you want to reap the advantages of lecithin, then go ahead and increase your intake of foods that naturally contain lecithin, or supplements you can buy in a drugstore.  Still, nothing beats having a healthy, well-balanced diet, because you won't need supplements at all if you strictly follow a healthy lifestyle.


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