How To Reap the Benefits of Fish Oil

Pure fish oil is a very rich source of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA precursors. It is a substance made from tissues of oily fishes like salmon and tuna. Other sources of fish oil include mackerel, halibut, herring, sardines, oysters, blue fin and albacore tuna, pilchards, sea bass and anchovies. The fishes used and the purity standards in refining the oil control the quality of the fish oil. There have been a lot of scientific discoveries on the benefits of this oil, and more benefits are still being discovered. Here are some of the key benefits of fish oil.

  1. Less inflammation and pain. EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) is an omega 3 fatty acid that has a beneficial effect on the inflammatory response. It helps regulate the body’s inflammation cycle so that it prevents conditions such as arthritis, cystitis and prostatitis.
  2. Cardiovascular health. The omega 3 fatty acids present in fish oil are proven substances. They work wonders for the heart, veins and arteries. They aid in lowering the overall cholesterol level, LDLs, triglycerides and blood pressure, thus, increasing the flow of good cholesterol in the body.
  3. Heart attack and stroke protection. If layers of LDL cholesterol build up in the arterial walls, a formation called thrombosis or a blood clot is created. If this clot flows through the veins and gets stuck in the brain, it causes a stroke. If it clogs the artery, it then causes a heart attack. There are studies that show omega 3 fatty acids breaking up those clots, thus lowering the possibility of stroke and heart attack.
  4. Higher intelligence and better brain function. Fish oil is beneficial especially to pregnant and lactating mothers. It can help develop the child’s intelligence and well-being. Adults can also benefit from fish oil. Regular intake of fish oils can improve memory, reasoning and focus.
  5. Less depression and psychosis. Researchers in the Psychiatry Department at the University of Sheffield found that supplements of omega 3 fatty acids can relieve symptoms of bipolar disorders, depression and psychosis.
  6. Lower incidence of childhood disorders. There are studies that show children with ADD and ADHD who have greatly improved just by taking fish oil regularly. Persons with dyslexia, dyspraxia and compulsive disorders also showed a lot of improvement with the use of fish oil.
  7. Reduction of cancer cells. Omega 3 fatty acids also have been shown to help prevent the most common forms of cancer like those of the colon, breast and prostate. They help stop the alteration of a healthy cell into a cancerous tissue and prevent cancerous cell growth from causing apoptosis, which is death of cancer cells.

These are just a few of the extensive benefits of fish oil to our health and well being. Further advancements in technology may someday enhance its benefits. This amazing substance has already shown wonders with its all-natural composition. Fish oil may even be what the old chemists are looking for. Over the centuries, chemists have been searching for an “elixir of life”. Maybe fish oil is this missing substance. In any case, fish oil has proven to be very beneficial to our health.


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