How To Understand the Benefits of Raw Food Detox

Raw food detox is a diet regimen that consists of eating raw unprocessed foods. Most of the foods that are contained in this diet are uncooked vegetables and fruits. If you are planning to go on a raw food detox, you can still cook your vegetables as long as the temperature of the food does not exceed 118 degrees Fahrenheit. According to studies, foods that are cooked higher than that temperature lose the enzymes that allow the body to digest food easily.

There are also other rules for the raw food detox. One of the rules is not to combine foods rich in starch, meat and fresh fruits in one meal. Engaging in colon cleansing can also help your raw food detox program. You can also choose to be a raw vegan. Eating raw food for a period of time will eliminate all the toxins and harmful materials that are in your body due to the food that you eat.

Here are some of the benefits of going through a raw food detox:

  1. Faster metabolism. When undergoing a raw food detox, your rate of metabolism will increase. This is because raw food contains enzymes that help the body digest the food faster. Cooked food does not contain a high amount of these enzymes, as the heat from cooking destroys them. By eating raw food, you will digest food faster and store up a lot of energy.
  2. Removes or lessens illnesses. Different raw foods can ease or remove some allergies and digestive problems. This is because raw food has a lot of nutrients that will help cure these ailments. Eating raw food can also fix weight problems and prevent obesity.
  3. Less craving. When you are used to the raw food detox, you will find it easier to be satisfied with eating simple foods and not craving complicated or cooked dishes. It will be easier for you to go out to restaurants and choose to eat raw foods instead of full cooked meals. You can also research different recipes or raw recipes to cook at home.
  4. Weight loss. People who want to lose weight can go through the raw diet or begin eating living food. Eating raw food will give you more energy than eating cooked meals. Also, this is a good weight loss program, as you are not going to consume fat and oil from the cooked foods. Once you slim down, it is also easy to maintain your ideal weight, as your metabolism increases when eating raw food. You can monitor your weight changes through a blog or a notebook to see the positive effects of this diet.
  5. Sweets and dairy. Most diets require you to eliminate chocolate. With the raw food detox, you can still eat sweets as long as it is an organic chocolate or raw chocolate. You can also consume raw butter and cream, raw ice cream and raw cheese.

These are the benefits of engaging in a raw food detox. In order for your body not to get shocked when going into raw food detox, you can do it slowly by substituting meals one by one. This will give your body a chance to adapt to the change in your diet, and this will help your transition from eating cooked food to raw food easier.


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