How To Understand the Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball

Using an exercise ball develops your muscle tone. Your body gains stability, muscle balance and improved posture. As may have noticed, the ball rehabilitates hip, back and knee injuries. With continuous using of an exercise ball, posture, flexibility and the cardiovascular system improve.

An exercise ball helps develop abdominal muscles and improve the strength of the lower back. Some benefits of using the exercise ball include the following:

  1. Proper spine alignment. Additional muscles are utilized with an exercise ball. The ball is not stable, therefore the body tries to balance on it, automatically aligning itself into proper posture. As muscles are utilized during the dynamic movements in the exercise, even the ones that are not usually used also move. Thus, alignment of the body parts is improved. Stability and balance is achieved.

  2. Great abs. Great abs are achieved during a workout using an exercise ball. Because of the frequent changing of position during a workout, back muscles are worked. Any damage caused by prolonged sitting in an unchanged position can be repaired.

  3. Muscle strength and endurance. The stability ball prevents muscle pain and helps in lightening back pain. Endurance is improved and tone and strength help in achieving good health. The stability ball is convenient, especially if you are waiting for somebody to arrive in a few minutes. Fitness will be at your fingertips.

  4. Core stability. The back and the hidden tummy muscles support the whole body. During an exercise ball workout, the reactions of the muscles improve our sense of balance.

  5. Stretching. During stretching exercises, the exercise ball is a good partner.

  6. Losing weight. Any exercise reduces body fat. With an exercise ball, it strengthens multiple muscles at one time. Even if you don't increase your exercise time, the exercise ball performs the same effect on the body as when extending the exercise time on other exercise equipment just to lose fat.

  7. Improves circulation. While a desk chair reduces blood circulation to some parts of the body after extended use, an exercise ball keeps the blood flowing to different parts of the body during the day.

  8. Feeling more energetic. After using an exercise ball during a workout, you will feel more energetic. Staying in one position for a long period will make you tired, and moving around gives you more energy. Use an exercise ball as a chair, and you will feel that you are more energized.

For people with back problems, the ball is a great help. Therapists use the ball for their therapy works. But without a therapist, you can still relieve your back pain by using the exercise ball. Instantly, you will feel relief.

A stability ball is sometimes called an exercise ball or Swiss ball. Used in place of an exercise bench in gyms, an exercise ball is big and inflatable. Exercisers should not hesitate to use it, because although it is air-filled it can support 600 to 700 pounds of weight.


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