How To Get Benefits from Vibration Therapy

Girl doing vibration therapy

Vibration therapy has created a buzz in the health and fitness industry, as it brings us another gleam of hope with a different method of burning fat and developing muscles. While there have been questions about its validity and effectiveness, many of the brightest minds around the world are recommending this kind of therapy.

The concept of vibration therapy was a Russian original. It was first used to help Russian cosmonauts increase their bone density and strengthen their muscles due to their exposure to a zero gravity environment. These cosmonauts were asked to stand over a vibration plate on a daily basis in addition to their routine exercises. Since then, vibration therapy has been a hot addition to the fitness world. So with all the good things we hear from this amazing therapy, what does one person get out of exposure to vibrations?

  • NASA scientists are not only recommending this therapy to their astronauts, but they also believe this technique can treat people who suffer from significant bone loss like osteoporosis.
  • While on top of the vibration plate, someone could easily receive the same benefit as working out for a relatively shorter period of time. Under the vibrations, muscles experience continuous contractions, making it an effective body workout. This means the body can be more resistant to fatigue and have increased agility.
  • With regular use, vibration therapy also causes the glands to provide natural lubrication to the joints, reducing back and joint pains.
  • Scientists have found that during a vibration therapy session, the body excretes testosterone and human growth hormones at an increased rate while getting a reduced production rate of Cortisol – the body’s stress hormone. This allows the body to amplify the beneficial effects of muscle protein synthesis.
  • Athletes are now using vibration therapy equipment they refer to as ‘miracle machines.’ This technology has helped professional cagers like Shaquille O’Neal and other athletes whose careers mainly depend on their physical activities to deal with injuries and post-rehabilitation surgeries.
  • Vibration therapy has also been helping people with arthritis, as it provides soothing effects to the joints during painful arthritis attacks, while at the same time, reducing their frequency.

Today, scientists are still trying to validate other beneficial effects of vibration therapy in humans, as most of their research involved rats and turkeys. Since humans have a different genetic composition compared to animals, the proven positive effects of the therapy to animals are yet to be considered 100% applicable to humans. So will vibration therapy work for us? Whether it works for people who have been exposed to weightlessness for a long time or for someone who has never been out of the Earth’s gravity, the bottom line is that it has worked, and these ‘good vibrations’ as they call them, may be the answer to our bone problems here on Earth.


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