How To Find Supplemental Health Insurance Plans

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Health insurance protects you from the skyrocketing costs of medical expenses during emergencies. You have to search far and wide to obtain affordable health insurance. Even employers do not give full coverage to their workers as they did before. If your primary health coverage is limited, you might consider going for a supplemental health insurance plan. Supplemental health insurance is an added policy on top of your current health coverage. It is a great option because it can pay more than the maximum amount covered by your primary policy.

Supplemental health insurance is also called defined benefit insurance because the coverage is stated specifically in dollars, unlike other health plans that can be vague and may simply cover the total medical expenses until the maximum is met. A supplemental health insurance plan can typically shoulder fees up to $1,000 a day.

There are very distinct advantages if you get a supplemental health insurance plan. Unlike major health policies, supplemental benefits are directly paid to the policy holder. In major policies, the benefits are given to the hospitals or doctors. Supplemental health benefits can also be used to pay wages lost during a sickness. Major policies also have subjugated claims, which only reduce your benefits. Supplemental plans are very affordable yet cover more than the basics. It is also very practical because benefits can be converted to cash for ready use. On the other hand, it also has its share of setbacks. Because it is convertible to a lump sum, policy holders may not have enough for more grave conditions. In order to avoid this, you can affix a major health insurance plan to your current supplemental health plan.

In finding supplemental health insurance, you have to keep in mind the cost and its benefits. We have listed the best supplemental health insurance programs here.

  1. The policies offered by the company, Basic Health Insurance, are the most affordable supplemental insurances in the market today. This health plan covers everything from doctor's fees to laboratory examinations. It doesn't have deductibles either. A specific amount is paid in dollars for every medical procedure and check-up. You can find everything on their website BasicHealthInsurance.
  2. Core Health Insurance may be more expensive than others but it also has more benefits. You have to wait for a year to enjoy the benefits for hospitalizations, but other coverage could be available in six months. Because of this, it is dubbed as the cheaper version of AFLAC plans. Take note that it can only be available through their sales agents and employees.
  3. Value Benefit Plans are a group of health policies, which can either be used separately or as a package. It includes Value Med Insurance and Value Health USA. Value Med covers expenses incurred as an outpatient while Value Med covers expenses incurred during hospitalization. If you want to add more coverage, you can add other plans such as Value Hospital Insurance, Value 24 hour Accident Coverage and Value Emergency Room Insurance.

If you are more than 65 years old, you can opt for Medicare supplements. Now that you know the best, we hope that you will choose wisely. You can compare quotes, and can even take some online courses in how to read insurance paperwork, so that you know what to pick.


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