How To Do Body Balance Techniques and Exercises

Taking care of our body involves several steps. Our physiological needs include food, shelter and clothing. These are important to ensure our survival. Secondary needs include family, resources and health. Our health depends on several factors. It mainly concerns how we take care of our bodies. One way to take care of your body is through physical exercise.

Physical exercise involves any activity that increases our body’s strength. It also helps boost our body’s resistance to disease. Exercise can also make our body flexible and agile. Being agile ensures our body’s endurance, coordination and balance.

Body balance is a low-impact exercise technique. It integrates slow-moving routines with breathing practices to increase muscle strength and flexibility. Body balancing is beneficial in a lot of ways. It is also a popular exercise for sports enthusiasts like gymnasts and golfers.

Here are some examples of body balance techniques and exercises.

  • Ball exercises are one of the basic body balance techniques. A simple reaching, twisting and leaning with a ball in hand can be a great postural exercise.
  • Breathing exercises are another effective way to promote body balance. They improve the body’s blood circulation and cell regeneration.
  • Yoga is a classic form of body balance exercise. It is a traditional Indian discipline dated back to 900-500 BC. It a technique that involves meditation poses and balancing techniques to experience a higher state of consciousness. The practice of Yoga has several benefits. It can effectively increase flexibility of the body’s joints. It also detoxifies the body by gentle stretching. It can improve blood circulation, which also helps flush out the body’s toxins.
  • Body Pilates is an exercise system that combines aerobics with the discipline of Yoga. This technique was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It uses a method called Contrology, which focuses on the mind in controlling the muscles. The heart of the Pilates exercise is in the postural muscles of the body. These muscles are responsible for keeping the body’s balance to provide spinal support. Most of the techniques include breathing exercises, continuous and fluid movements and precise and controlled movements. It also involves several apparatuses like the Wunda chair, Ladder Barrel and Trapeze Table. Most of these apparatuses were also developed by Joseph Pilates.

Les Mills is one of the leading fitness program companies in the world. It was founded by Leslie Roy Mills, a former Olympian from New Zealand. He developed several fitness systems including body jam, body attack, body pump, body combat and body balance. Most of their classes include the use of music to stimulate the body’s energy.

Body balancing is essential especially at the beginning of a workout. Aside from this, proper liquid nutrition is also important during exercise. Drinking alkaline water and other liquid vitamins can help stimulate energy while doing the exercise. It can also help in ensuring the body’s nourishment.

Balance exercises are important whether you are young or old. Aside from posture, it also develops strength distribution in the muscles. This can also help prevent bone fractures. By just simply doing these exercises, you can ensure a healthy, worry free and happy life.


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