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Cold therapy also known as cryotherapy is considered one of the oldest and simplest methods of relieving pain. Today, some of the most common applications of such a simple yet effective therapy can be found in baby teethers, ice bags to treat muscle sore during a ball game or the simple administering of cold compress when someone has fever.

Cold therapy works by the concept of heat exchange in the body. When someone gets injured, the body’s blood vessels get damaged and the cells die due to loss of oxygen. Bruising and swelling instantly come next. Applying something cold to the wound slows down the metabolism of the cells in an effort to gain oxygen and reduce cell damage and buildup. When the nerve endings get anesthetized by the cold temperature, the brain cannot detect pain signals thus relieving the person injured while cold therapy is in place.

With today’s robust science, cold therapy machines and devices have gained public attraction and use. In fact, health institutions are now using these cold therapy devices to aid in the wellness of its patients. Here are some available online resources to get you started:

  • Ossur – The company developed the Theracool Cold Therapy System using an Integrated Pump System to keep the water content cooler for a longer duration while accelerating the heat transfer procedure. The website contains relevant information about this product and related information regarding the many applications of cold therapy. You may visit Ossur online at for more details.
  • Arc4life – With a combination of hot and cold therapy products, Arc4life offers a variety of therapy machines and devices to suit your needs. Its website doesn’t just sell the company’s items but also sell cold therapy itself through a vast database of accessible information about the significance of such a therapy. It provides its online viewers catalogs, helpful FAQs, forums and testimonials alike to keep you well informed. Log on to for a chance to see their cold therapy solutions.
  • Cold One – Understanding the amount of discomfort one is feeling when in pain, Cold One developed the Cold One® Cold Compression Therapy Ice Wrap to revolutionize the way cold compresses are administered. Their Cold One Therapy Wraps are ergonomically designed to fit any body type while effectively driving the cold deep into affected areas to quickly relieve pain. It can be used on almost all body parts susceptible to muscle pains and injury. Visit to get a glimpse of the Cold One Cold Therapy Ice Wraps.
  • Cincinnati Sub-Zero Medical – Whether you need a working cold therapy device for home use or for your clinic or hospital, CSZ Medical’s line of cold therapy machines are a sure way to go. CSZ Medical has a vast number of options to consider including the best-selling Electri-Cool II and the portable cold therapy unit, Cold Therapy Temp Pads, and the ImmobilICE Pads. To know more about what they have to offer, simply check out


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