How To Know Common Art Therapy Supplies

Art therapy is a technique used to promote creativity and to help patients, especially children, to voice their feelings or thoughts in the form of art. Most of the patients who undergo art therapy are children. Children are not yet very vocal in communicating the feelings that they have. Art therapy is used so that they can voice their feelings towards certain issues by using a different medium.

Art therapy can be conducted by a licensed art therapist professional and is considered a branch of psychotherapy in only two states. It is also helpful to have experience with art related jobs to know the different methods that can be used for art therapy. There are different methods that are associated with art therapy. Some of these are music therapy and dance therapy. Art therapy can also be conducted in schools.

Here are some of the supplies that are used in art therapy:

  1. Colored pencils, crayons, paper. These are the most common supplies used in child therapy. The therapist allows the child to draw and color certain pictures. In some cases, the child is free to draw whatever he wants. The therapist can determine the feelings and ideas of the child by looking at the colors that were used and the drawing itself. The therapist can also talk to the child while he is drawing. By doing this, the child is busy doing something else and can answer and voice out his feelings in a relaxed manner.
  2. Modeling clay. Modeling clay is another medium that can be used in counseling therapy for kids. The therapist can ask the child to mold images of different things or even mold what his feelings might look like. The therapist can mention several feelings, and the child will create shapes that he may feel is related to the feeling that was mentioned by the therapist. This will help the child be comfortable with the therapist, and it will also hone the child's creativity skills.
  3. Dolls, stuffed toys, robots. In some cases, the therapist will ask the parent of the child to bring his favorite toy during the counseling session. The therapist can use the favorite toy to be able to communicate with the child. There are different activities that the therapist can do with the toy. One of the most common things to do with the toy is to use it as a tool to communicate with the child. By doing this, the child will feel that he is just playing.
  4. Musical instruments. Feelings can also be depicted with the use of musical instruments. The instruments can include a drum, maracas, a tambourine or a piano. The therapist can use the instruments as a medium to make the child feel comfortable. The beats produced by the child can be an association with the feelings that he might have.

These are the most common supplies that are used for art therapy. By having these items, the therapist can easily determine the feelings of the child and help him get through psychological problems or other problems that he may have.


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