Cure a Bug Bite with a Hair Dryer

Everyone hates bug bites. Once you get them you can’t help but scratch them, which just makes the problem worse. These bumps might itch for a few hours, or swell up and last for days. There are many home remedies for bug bites, some more effective than others. Did you know that you can cure a bug bite with a hair dryer? If you live in an area where bug bites or common, this is a must-know remedy for bites.

To cure a bug bite with a hair dryer, just point a warm hair dryer at the bite for a few minutes. The skin near the bite should become a bit uncomfortable as it grows warmer, but it should not be anywhere near becoming burned. The most important thing to remember when using the hair dryer remedy is to not burn your skin. If you hold a hot hair dryer next to your skin for more than a minute or two, it could burn you. If in doubt, stop heating the skin. You can always try later if the itch has not subsided.

Once the skin gradually returns to its normal temperature, the itch should be gone. The first time you treat a bite, the relief will likely last a few hours. After the second time treating the same bug bite, many people find that the itch is permanently gone. You can cure a bug bite on most parts of your body with a hair dryer, though it is not recommended if you have a bite on your face.

Although many people have confirmed that it is possible to cure a bug bite with a hair dryer, no one is quite sure how it works. According to some, hot water may have the same effect. Heating the skin may redistribute the histamine that comes to the bite area as your body’s natural reaction against the bite.

While you can cure the itch of a bug bite with a hair dryer, the raised bump it caused will be there until it heals naturally, just like a bug bite that you did not treat. The good news is that you won’t have to live with the urge to scratch it, which means that it will probably heal faster than if you had not cured it with a hair dryer to stop the itch. Continuously scratching a bug bite can make it irritated, and it will heal slower than one that you have treated with a hair dryer to remove the itch.


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