Cure Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a very common problem among men young and old. Its consequences are mainly embarrassment and frustration, but in worst cases unwanted pregnancies. There are several techniques, both mental and physical, to cure premature ejaculation. It comes down to knowing your mind, body, and habits, as well as applying a few simple techniques.

The mental side of premature ejaculation is probably the most important, although it can be the most difficult part to change. Knowing your body and its inclinations are very important, as well as maintaining a keen awareness of what is going on with your body and mind during sex. Awareness is the first step in curing premature ejaculation and should be cultivated both before and during sex.

Meditation and breathing techniques are great tools for bringing up clarity and awareness. Meditation is simply slowing the thought process down so that bodily sensations and feelings become clearer and can be better acted upon. Five minutes of meditation before sex can give enough clarity to recognize when premature ejaculation will soon occur and implement the strategies that cure it.

Simply sit in a quiet space, preferably not the room the sex will occur in, and take slow, deep breaths, putting importance on the knowledge of inhalation then exhalation. The point is to steady your thoughts on one object, in this case the breath, allowing the brain to become relaxed and work more efficiently. Breathing techniques can also be used during sex. Once you are familiar with the relaxing benefits of watching your breath, you can apply it before ejaculation is reached, and calm sexual urges down.

Premature ejaculation isn't all in the head, though. There are muscles that can be strengthened and thus make it easier to control ejaculation. The pubococcygeous, or PC muscle, can be strengthened and thus give you better control over when you ejaculate. A simple exercise which strengthens this muscle very well can be done several times a day in the convenience of a restroom. Simply start urinating as usual, and then after a couple of seconds stop completely, then start again. Repeat a few times during each urination.

Another way to avoid premature ejaculation is to keep your testicles loose. Literally! During ejaculation the testicles and scrotum tend to move closer to the body. Using your hands, gently keep them where they normally are as orgasm is approached and premature ejaculation can be avoided.


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