How To Find Devices that Help Stop Snoring

Wearing nasal face mask

As one ages lifestyles change, we become less active and relax more often, causing weight gain. Getting less exercise, having a poor diet, drinking alcohol and smoking usually cause our body to weaken due to fat accumulation. Often the airway is blocked causing an irregular airflow through the mouth and nose. This brings about snoring.

Snoring is a sleep disorder that occurs mostly in men, overweight people and those who are aging. Before we come up with treatment options, let us first look into the factors that cause this disorder.

  1. An obstruction in the nasal airway brought about by conditions like nasal polyps, deviated septum and sinusitis.
  2. Relaxed muscles of the throat and tongue brought about by deep sleep, too much alcohol and intake of sleeping pills.
  3. People with adenoids and big tonsils often suffer from snoring.
  4. An elongated uvula also causes snoring.
  5. A person with a thick, soft or low palate often snores.

Now that we know the factors that cause snoring, let us look into the ways we can stop snoring. The best thing to do is to change our lifestyle by watching our diet to avoid becoming overweight, cut down on alcohol intake especially before sleeping, and avoid sleeping on our sides. These are some of the simple anti-snoring remedies we could do in order to stop snoring the natural way.

If these simple snoring cures do not work, then it is time for us to use some other snoring remedies. There are devices available that help stop snoring. But before you choose which one to use, let us first look into each device.

Here are some of the devices currently used as snoring treatments: 

  1. Mandibular advancement splints, commonly referred to as the stop snoring mouthpiece, are a device made of plastic that is used during sleep.
  2. The Sandler pillow, more popularly called the snoring pillow, improves your sleeping position especially when you often sleep on your side.
  3. Snore balls are used to interrupt sleep, making you aware that it is more advisable to sleep on your belly.
  4. Sleep Position Monitor gives a loud bleeping sound every time you, a snorer, turn on to your back. It reminds you that you should stay lying on your stomach.
  5. Nasal Strips were first designed to be used by athletes. However, they also help the snorer by widening the nasal passage to have more airflow and minimize vibration.
  6. Snoring Spray is the least advisable device, because the result differs depending on the user. It sometimes stops snoring, but for others it just worsens snoring.

After going through these devices, you could clearly see that there is no device that can really stop you from snoring. It may stop your snoring, but you won’t get good sleep so you’ll end up having another sleep disorder. The only snoring cures that seem to be effective are the natural snoring remedies. Having a good diet, exercising regularly, cutting down on alcohol intake, and clean living will help you stop snoring and leave you with a more healthy body.


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