How To Diagnose Symptoms of Leukemia

Leukemia is a very serious medical condition that can affect anyone. It is caused by a type of cancer cells that specifically attack the white blood cells. It starts when your body produces abnormal amounts of white blood cells that are responsible for fighting invading foreign organisms. The white blood cells may not have properly developed, which results in their lack of strength to fight bacteria, resulting in a poor immune system. Afterwards, there are so many white blood cells that they could crowd the bone marrow until there is not enough room for other cells. Leukemia can be classified into two types, the acute type and the chronic. Acute leukemia can be quickly identified while the chronic type manifests itself over a period of time. Research is still ongoing in finding out the cure for this deadly disease. 

Leukemia claims millions of lives every year. Its effects are more devastating compared to other kinds of cancer. Aside from that, it can also cause other cancers like ovarian cancer, stomach cancer and prostrate cancer. The infection starts in the bone marrow where all the cells are being produced. Because of too many white cells crowding the bone marrow, it produces fewer red blood cells. As a result, blood circulation is dampened. The diagnosis for the disease may take awhile because of its gradual process. Leukemia has very distinct symptoms, which include constant high temperature or fever, infections, excessive bruising, chronic fatigue, drastic weight loss, stomach pain, enlarging of lymph nodes especially those found in the liver or spleen and general weakness. The patient could also have jaundice, nausea, paleness and loss of appetite. He could experience chills at night along with cough and cold.

Leukemia does not worsen quickly. It can span for a long period of time before it becomes fatal. At first, you would normally dismiss the symptoms as part of any regular illness. Proper diagnosis for leukemia can be done at home. There are diagnostic kits, which you could use like the Home Anemia Tests, Home Thyroid Gland Function Tests or the Home Breast Cancer Testing.

Once you get the results from the testing kits, you can confirm it with your doctor. Your doctor will first ask you to undergo a blood test. The test will measure the amount of red and blood cells in the body. He could also conduct a bone marrow biopsy. The bone marrow, which commonly comes from your hip or chest, will be taken out to be observed under a microscope to check the amount of white blood cells.

Leukemia patients have to undergo chemotherapy and radiation during treatment to ensure remission. In chemotherapy, the cancer cells are eliminated through oral medications or intravenous chemicals. A bone marrow donation can also be utilized to replace the damaged ones. This can be very taxing because the bone marrows have to match. It is very hard to find the right bone marrow donor. You can coordinate with a cancer foundation to help track the right person who might be willing to donate his bone marrow.


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