How To Know Disadvantages of Breast Enhancement Pills

The definition of beauty has evolved over the years. Today, it includes smooth skin, long legs, sexy curves and of course, large breasts. Many women feel that having these physical attributes boosts their confidence level and allows them to look more beautiful in anything they wear, especially if they have the size of breasts that attracts the male populace. On TV, movies, the internet, magazines and other mediums, women who have larger breasts are perceived to be more desirable.

The commercial definition of beauty made a remarkable impact on today’s women, such that many have become uncomfortable, discontented and insecure with their build, size and overall physical appearance.  Consequently, a large number of women undergo breast enlargement surgery just to achieve the look they desire, regardless of the cost and health risks. However, there are lots of women who are afraid of undergoing surgery procedures and do not have the financial capacity to go through one. For these reasons, so many breast enhancement solutions have emerged in the market, ranging from pills, creams, gums, and liquid formulas to herbal or natural medications. Popular breast enhancement brand names are Breast Actives, Breast Success, Zoft, and Breast Gain Plus, which guarantee growth results and zero side effects.

While these breast growth pills seem a practical option to surgical augmentation, you should be aware that even the natural or herbal medications have adverse effects. The following are some of the well known disadvantages of taking breast enhancement pills.

  1. While estrogen is an important hormone and component of breast enhancement pills, it also has negative effects. Certain breast enlargement pills have high doses of estrogen, which can increase the risk of gall-bladder disease and various cancers such as endometrial cancer, uterus cancer, and cervical cancer. It is not advisable to take breast pills if your family has a strong history of these types of cancer.
  2. Women who take breast enhancement pills on a regular basis have noticed some menstrual transformations, which include pre-menstrual syndrome, cycle and period changes. 
  3. Prolonged use of breast enhancement pills may promote blood-clotting disorders, high blood pressure, liver cancer or liver tumors.
  4. Skin irritation, redness, rashes and other types of skin allergy as well as swelling of ankles and legs may be experienced when taking breast enhancement pills for a longer period of time.
  5. Breast enhancement pills may interfere with other medication you are taking, thus you need to have your doctor informed of your breast pills.
  6. Other side effects of taking breast pills include loss of appetite, weight changes, migraine headaches, mild dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and even depression.

Always remember to consult your physician prior to taking any breast enhancement products. Whether you are taking pills or breast enlargement creams that you only have to apply on your skin, it is best to inform your doctor to avoid unnecessary effects that may lead to serious illness or complications. Read the labels before using them and follow directions. Do not take more than what is advised in order to achieve a quick result. 


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