How To Understand Diseases Affecting Bone Health

Nutrition and vitamins for better bone health are typically only of high concern for people already entering into old age. Most people do not think about their bone strength at a younger age, thinking that osteoporosis only happens to older people. Osteoporosis really does target mostly older women. But this bone disease does not excuse younger women or men. That is why taking care of your bone health is highly necessary even if you are still young, active, and healthy.

You surely don't want to end up doing osteoporosis exercises or taking bone supplements like strontium for your bones. Getting informed as early as possible about bone diseases and how to take care of your bones is necessary. Here are some of the most common diseases that affect bone strength:

  1. Osteoporosis. This disease is undoubtedly the most common of the bone diseases. Bone osteoporosis happens when the bone reduces its strength and density. This disease cause bones to thin, making them very susceptible to easy bone fracture.
  2. Paget's Disease of the Bone. This is one of the chronic bone diseases. When you have this disease, your bone will be enlarged, which may cause the bone's deformation. Once this happens, the bone will be dense, fragile, and vulnerable to excessive breakdown. You'll only notice this disease through bone pain, fractures, deformities, and arthritis.
  3. Avascular necrosis. It can cause death of the bone by hindering a good supply of the blood to the bone. Sufferers of this disease experience severe and unbearable pain in the bone.
  4. Rickets. Children mostly suffer from this disease, caused by a calcium deficiency. When this disease attacks a person, the patient will expereince difficulty and sometimes failure in depositing minerals in their bones.
  5. Osteomyelitis. Bacteria that form pus are the cause of this bone infection. Just like osteoporosis, this disease softens and weakens the bone, leading to bone breaking.

Fortunately, you are not left unarmed, because there are ways you can prevent these bone diseases.

  1. Increase calcium intake everyday. Experts believe that your only route to better bone health is to take in more calcium. Of course, you should also pursue other bone nutrition and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium. But calcium should be your priority intake. The recommended amount of calcium you should take to prevent bone diseases is three servings.
  2. Exercise. Stretching, walking, and jogging don't just keep your body healthy, but your bones healthy, too. You may lift weights also to strengthen the bones. For sure, you'll be happier to do regular exercises than doing osteoporosis exercises.
  3. Meet Mr. Sunshine. Go out and feel the soft heat of the sun in the morning. This is a good source of vitamin K, an important vitamin for better bone health.
  4. Say no-no to your bad habits. Smoking and alcohol intake increase the risk of bone diseases. If you can't totally remove these vices, at least keep them at the minimum.
  5. Take bone supplements for better bone health. Strontium and calcium supplements help in maintaining the needed equation for better bone health. This can be a good alternative to eating foods rich in calcium, though the latter is always better.

You don't want any of the bone diseases to strike you before you start pursuing better bone health.


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