How To Do a Medical Symptoms Search

When you feel some pain or discomfort in any part of your body, your natural tendency is either to take a pain killer or resort to usual medications that you had perhaps taken at one point when you experienced the same symptoms some time ago. Self-medication, however, is not advisable if you are not aware of the nature of your illness. In some cases, instead of getting well, self-medication even makes your condition worse. Hence, having ample knowledge about certain health conditions can give you better understanding about certain physical discomforts and in a way help you decide whether or not you need to see your doctor.

To better understand certain medical symptoms, you need to do some research. Of course in this age of computers and technology, there's no better place to conduct your research than on the Internet. And as you do your search, consider the following tips:

  1. Start with a general search on the possible illness that may cause the symptoms you are experiencing. For instance, if you periodically suffer from boils, search for an overall review on boils. You may start by looking at online encyclopedias or medical guides. From this point you will learn some background about the disease - its causes, prevention, and cures.
  2. After conducting a broad search, you may want to narrow it down, especially if you want to learn about more possibilities regarding the medical symptoms you want to search for. You may then type your query into the search bar of your browser. This will lead you to a list of sites, which you can visit for further explanation of the medical symptom. If you feel a lump on your breast, for example, don't immediately conclude breast cancer. Rather, search first for breast lumps and what they may indicate. This way you avoid fear and self-torment on the thought that you are already seriously ill, when in fact the lump you feel on your breast may just be a part of pre-menstrual syndrome.
  3. There are many medical sites on the Internet that you can choose from. Some hospitals and doctors also maintain their own sites, and they sometimes offer free medical advice online. You may go there and find answers to your search.
  4. Classify your search by indicating your sex. In doing a medical symptoms search, be sure to stay as calm, objective and rational as possible. Don't immediately assume that you have a serious disease.

Now you may ask: Why the need for a medical symptoms search when you can just go straight to your doctor and seek consultation? The primary reason for this is because you need to understand the symptoms so you can better relate them later to your doctor, in case you decide to seek medical health. Another reason is that, sometimes, people tend to be hypochondriacs. They feel what is not actually there. Hence to educate and enlighten them about simple and serious illnesses, doing a medical symptoms search can help them feel at ease and confident about their condition.

Of course, searching for medical symptoms can never substitute for an actual face-to-face medical consultation. If your symptoms persist for several days, to the point that there is nagging pain and discomfort, see your doctor at once.


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