How To Do a Military Workout for Abdominals

A military workout for abdominals is often performed at an intermediate level.  During basic training soldiers are exercised to build up a foundation of strength.

The typical military abdominal workout begins with stretching.  You must stretch for at least ten minutes before doing any exercise.  The list of exercises that can be performed for a military workout for abdominals is: the sit-up, the crunch, the elevated sit-up, the leg raises, the flutter kick, and the frog kick.  Some of these exercises must be performed with a partner.

  • The sit-up position is lying on your back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle.  A partner will hold your feet, and on the command of go you raise your torso so the base of your neck is equal to the base of your spine.  When you lower yourself back down, that is one repetition.  Your shoulders are all that is required to hit the ground.
  • The crunch is performed much like the sit-up, however, you don't raise your torso all the way off the ground.  You can have your feet in any position you like.  I prefer to have the lower legs parallel to the ground.  This action puts more stress on your lower abs and is harder to do.  In the crunch you lift your shoulder blades off the ground and hold for one second, lower back down for one repetition.
  • The elevated sit-up is the same as the sit-up but your legs are on a partner’s back.  Similar to the crunch in leg position but you are sitting all the way up.  Do as many as you can until failure.
  • The leg raises in a military workout for abdominals are often paired with the flutter kick.  Lay on your back with your legs straight out in front of you and your hands under your buttocks.  Lift your feet six inches off the ground and alternately kick each foot to about two feet off the ground.  Your knees will be slightly flexed during this event.  Once you start to reach failure, stop the flutter kick and begin the leg raises.  With the leg raises, simply raise both feet either half way up or all the way up.  Half way up is a forty five degree from the ground and all the way up is perpendicular to the ground.
  • The frog kick is more of a hip flexor muscle workout but is often included in a military workout for abdominals.  In this exercise you are seated with your feet and legs at a 90 degree angle and your feet are off the ground.  Your hands are placed behind your back on the ground, for balance only.  You then kick your feet out parallel to the ground and bring them back in for one repetition.


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