How To Do Abdominal Exercises

Anybody who exercises will tell you that the abdominal muscles are the hardest part of the body to train.  Sit-up upon sit-up, crunch upon crunch, and you still aren't getting anywhere.  You might lose a little body weight and some fat in the midsection but still there are no abdominal muscles to show.  If you attack the abdominals the right way, you should see some improvement.  Believe me, certain people are blessed with natural abs but if you do a little tinkering to the way you attack your abs, they will begin to appear.

When someone thinks of abdominal muscles and training the abdominals, the first thing that comes to mind is sit-ups and crunches.  These exercises are the main abs exercises.  The thing is, you need to know how to do them properly.  The very first thing that you want to dwell on when doing sit-ups is proper stance.  The main point of doing this exercise is to work the abs.  Don't simply concentrate on the rocking movement of doing sit-ups and crunches.  When you do this, you are doing nothing but risking back injury.  You will be paying more attention to your back and not on your abs.  Another thing with sit-ups is that you want to mix up the angle in which you do the sit-ups.  Try hitting your side abs muscles by doing side crunches and sit-ups.  Simply doing the straight up, touch your knees, sit-up will work at first but after a while training like that will have no purpose. Changing it up is the best thing.

The new sit-up machines are also good for abs exercises.  These ergonomically designed machines are designed to take the stress off your back and focus the energy of your exercise on your abdominal muscles, which is where you want it.  Two popular abs machines are Ab Roller and the Ab Circle.  Both of these machines are designed to take the stress off the neck and back and put all your energy towards your midsection.  Machines such as these are excellent for abs exercises.  You can easily go online and find out about these products.

The best advice though for abdominal training is simply to use weights.  That's right.  Just like when you use weights when you do any other exercise, putting resistance against the abs will build up the abdominal muscles.  Doing crunches and sit-ups with a weighted plate or dumbbell across your chest will do.  This concept is as old as exercise and weight training itself.

If you train the abdominal muscles properly you will soon find that those muscles are there.  You just have to approach your training in the right way.


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