How To Dress for Yoga

Just as it is easy to find yoga mats these days, so is finding specialized yoga clothes a breeze. But you don’t need to shop for a whole new wardrobe, because there isn’t a dress code or fashion trends for yoga. Whether you go to a class or practice in the privacy of your living room, what you wear for yoga should be comfortable clothes that won’t hinder you from doing the poses. Read on to find out how to dress for yoga.

  1. Know what kind of yoga you’re doing before you select what to wear. Sweatpants or a tracksuit are more suited for light yoga in an air-conditioned studio. However, Bikram yoga and Ashtanga yoga are more aggressive and will make you sweat. For these types of yoga, choose a fitted tank top and shorts.
  2. Wear comfortable, lightweight clothes that will not restrict or bind you in any way. Material like denim will keep your legs from stretching.
  3. Cotton is the best fabric to use because it lets your body breathe and provides proper ventilation. This means your body temperature will stay the same all throughout your yoga class. Cotton is also absorbent, and will keep the sweat off your body as you do your poses.
  4. Choose fitted tops and bottoms. Because you will be doing all sorts of poses, snug fitting clothes will not get in your way, nor will they reveal parts of your body that you’d rather other people not see.
  5. Make sure you fit your clothes before purchasing them! Whatever style you choose, make sure that your clothes aren’t too tight. The important part is that you’re comfortable in whatever clothes you wear. Yoga is about relaxing your mind and body, and you won’t be able to do this unless you wear the right clothes.
  6. No need to worry about shoes – yoga is done barefoot. If you’re attending yoga classes at a studio, wear sandals or flip flops, so you can easily remove them before class.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy the right clothes for yoga. Take a look at your closet, because you might realize that the clothes you want to wear for yoga class are already in there! The best clothes to wear for yoga are clothes that you’re comfortable in.

Most women prefer wearing sports bras to yoga, especially for Bikram yoga. Sports bras are lightweight and provide excellent coverage and support for all poses. Most work out tank tops usually double as sports bras.

You might also want to consider wearing spandex. Not only is it lightweight and flexible, it also stays in place.

Some yoga participants prefer wearing organic clothing to yoga classes. Organic clothing keeps with the natural spirit and cleansing ritual (physically, emotionally, and mentally) of yoga. 

Tie your hair back and remove all jewelry before your yoga class begins. Loose hair, necklaces, bracelets, and dangling earrings will distract you as much as the wrong apparel.


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