How To Find Drug Rehab Programs for Adolescents

One of the major problems affecting our society is drug abuse among adolescents. People are learning about and experimenting with illegal substances at early ages. Teen role models have been in the spotlight of drug and alcohol scandals, with high-profile names like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan frequenting drug and alcohol rehab centers in the past few years.

If you know an adolescent who may be addicted to harmful substances, rehab may be the only option. At an age where rebellion against parents is the norm, simple talks sometimes just won’t cut it. Sometimes, you’ve got to resort to desperate measures.

There are a number of drub rehab programs designed for adolescents. Although this is reflective of a very sad situation, it is nonetheless a welcome sight to the concerned parent. There is some comfort in knowing that your child will get the professional help he needs should he be a victim of drug abuse.

A Better Way Adolescent Residential Treatment Services, for instance, is both a school and treatment center for teens addicted to drugs. With proper education alongside drug treatment facilities, young adults will learn the values of clean living. A Better Way also helps its patients overcome the emotional issues that may have led them to resort to drugs in the first place.

Another residential school in the same vein is Alldredge Academy. Its fully-accredited school and treatment program are well-suited for those in need of a speedy recovery. Despite the relatively short term of its rehab program, Alldredge Academy gives quality results, helping troubled youths deal with the realities of their addictions.

If your adolescent requires a longer-term rehab program, you can try the North Star Center. Geared towards 18-24 year olds, the North Star Center’s residential program gives its patients a chance to transform their lives by being part of a community that fosters personal growth, educational success, and healthy interpersonal relationships.

Your patient may belong to a younger age group. Should he fall between the ages of 13 and 17, you can try sending him to the Outback Treatment Center. Its wilderness treatment programs help teens with their emotional issues, as well as address their behavioral problems. Through the guidance of its trained counselors, teens at the Outback Treatment Center learn to overcome their troubles in a healthy, productive way.

Known for its twelve-step outpatient treatment, the Insight Program has a slightly different approach in dealing with adolescents and their drug abuse issues. They encourage their patients to stop depending on these illegal substances by helping them realize that there are other ways that life can be rewarding.

Another twelve-step drug rehab program is handled by the Youth Town Christian Residential Treatment Center. Teens aged between 12 and 17 learn the values needed to overcome their drug addictions with a Christian focus.

Adolescence is an important formative stage in everyone’s life. Don’t let drug abuse ruin that. If you know of any young adult who may have an addiction to illegal substances, consider contacting a drug rehab center as soon as possible.


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