How To Do Exercises for Spinal Adjustment

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Whether for therapy after an injury, relief of back pain, or for overall health improvement, spinal exercises or spinal manipulations are necessary for people in their adolescence and into later life. For spinal pain relief or stomach pain, or if you are simply wanting to correct your posture, spinal exercises should be done on a regular basis. There are machines, exercise tools and clinical treatments available for spinal adjustments. Should you choose to opt for home exercises and other techniques, there are videos available to teach you how to do exercises in your own home. The Pilates Mat Exercise is explained below--being one of the simplest and most effective methods for spinal exercise and adjustment.

  1. Sit up and stretch as high as you can on your sit bones. Make sure both feet are flexed, and using your shoulder as your guide, extend your legs to that width. Always see to it that your shoulders are relaxed during the entire period.
  2. Next, breathe deeply and stretch your arms forward at the height of your shoulder. You can modify this by placing your fingertips right in front of you and in between the legs.
  3. While curving forward and feeling your spine stretch, exhale.
  4. By now, you would notice a release in your hips as your shoulders are held down and your hands are reaching your toes.
  5. As you reach a little further, inhale and feel the stretch in your back area.
  6. Use your lower abdomen when returning to your original position while exhaling. Roll up to a sitting position by using your spine.
  7. Remember to use the proper Pilates mat as this exercise is especially designed to be performed on the Pilates mat. Pilates mats are available in health stores and websites online.

Just like any other exercise, make sure you have the right guidance or supervision in doing this exercise. You do not want to aggravate your condition by performing an exercise poorly and further causing harm to your body such as your upper cervical spine or spinal joints. Studies have shown that a certain percentage of injury during exercise is bought about by poor execution of the exercise.

You can seek the advice of a health professional (chiropractic medicine) to guide you and to determine whether home exercises would suffice or whether medical intervention is needed.

Also ensure that your exercises are done gradually. Drastic and sudden changes in your exercises force the muscles and could cause more harm than help.

If you feel your condition is not getting any better, stop and consult with your doctor. Disclose all efforts you have made so he would better know what to do next.

Do minor stretching to prepare your body for other major exercises. Remember to cool down after each exercise so as not to have an abrupt stop in your stretches.

Check with a chiropractor before starting any exercise routine. They would be able to advise you on a more customized program to correct your specific condition. There is no ‘one size fits all' when it comes to improving your health.


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