How To Exercise to Relieve Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain plagues so many office workers because of the long hours of having to sit down at a desk and work on a computer keyboard. This activity can be responsible for other medical concerns such as sciatica pain and even muscle spasms.

The seated position puts undue strain on the back, because instead of transferring the weight of the human body to the balls of the feet, the weight is put on the vertebral column. While a person can still bear weight, the seated position is not exactly the best position for prolonged periods. While it’s convenient to take a capsule or tablet of analgesics or pain medication for the muscle spasms and pain, exercises are also a good way to relieve back ache.

Here are some exercises that you can use in case you have upper back pains.

  • While in a seated position, put your hands behind your head–similar to how you would have them when you’re making abdominal crunches. Sit up straight and try bending backwards to put your back at a curved configuration. This stretching movement would bring back relief because it would loosen much of the ligaments and joints in the upper back.
  • You can also do some stretching exercises while standing up. This will be the opposite of the earlier mentioned exercise. Lean forward and try to feel your back stretch. You should be able to feel the sensation on your shoulders and upper back. This is an excellent back treatment, and it would be very good if you can repeat this stretch three to four times while holding the position for twenty to thirty seconds.
  • There are also exercises that could be done while in bed. While lying face down on bed with a pillow under your belly, try to raise your hands to the ceiling. Rotate your shoulders as needed to allow you to increase your range of motion accordingly. Hold the position for ten seconds and repeat for up to three times. This would also bring back relief by removing the tension on muscles of the back.
  • Stand up straight and try to reach your feet without having to bend your knees. This zeroes in on your back without having to put undue weight on the back. This can be a great back treatment because it absolutely loosens the ligaments of the back. 
  • Rowing exercises could also work for the back. These could be done by taking a rod like equipment and pretending to row on one side like in a boat. The upward and downward motion of the shoulders and arms would allow the back to loosen up and decompress. This would let the muscles have a much fuller range of motion and also give the ligaments a good stretch for back relief.

These exercises might be able to provide relief from pain. But prevention is better than cure, so be sure to take a couple of minutes off every 30 minutes of sitting at your office desk. Loosen up a bit, so you can avoid muscle strain, repetitive stress injuries and other long-term back problems. When in doubt, see your doctor or chiropractor. 


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