How To Find Fast Food Nutrition Facts Calculators

If you are health conscious or conscious of how your body looks, you may want to think twice about eating food with lots of calories. You can easily track the calories of your food intake with the help of a nutrition calculator. Fast food chains and restaurants offer different food choices, such as burgers, fries, pizza, salads and other foods that may be saturated with fat. You can take advantage of free fast food nutrition calculators that are found online to calculate the calories that you eat every day. There are several types of fast food nutrition facts calculators on websites. You can choose to use one that will give you lots of information regarding your food intake.

Here are some of the fast food nutrition facts calculators that are available online for free:

  1. pediatrics.about. This website offers a simple calculator that you can use to determine how many calories you are getting from different fast foods. Just choose two of the fast food joints from the drop down menu, your gender, your age and your weight. This calculator will compare the results on the two restaurants that you chose.
  2. fastfoodnutrition. This online nutrition facts calculator let's you choose from a list of restaurants and fast food joints. After selecting the name of the restaurant, you have to choose the items that you ate from the restaurant. The calculator will show a template of the calories of the meal that you ate. The facts included in the results are the serving size, calories, calories from fat, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugars and protein.
  3. dietandfitnesstodayThis online nutrition calculator provides several details regarding the calories in food from different fast food chains. Enter the name of the restaurant or choose from the list on the page. Once you have chosen a restaurant, a list of all the meals that they have will appear. Choose the item that you ate. Select the portion of the item that you ate and the results will appear.
  4. fatcalories. This is a simple nutrition calculator that lets you know the amount of calories in foods that you choose from the drop down menu. There are different restaurants that are available from this site. You can choose to view the results from the highest to lowest calories or from lowest to highest.

These nutrition calculators are a big help, especially if you are watching your weight or if you are always eating in restaurants and fast food chains. It is good to know the nutritional value of the food that you eat. This is essential for you to be healthy. The calculator is also helpful if you want to know if you are eating the right food and maintaining a good diet. By using the calorie calculator, you can also discipline yourself to decrease your intake of foods that are high in calories.


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