How To Find 100 Abdominal Exercises

If you're trying to strengthen your ab muscles and lose weight in the middle section, you're definitely in luck. Though it may seem difficult, it is actually not a large task to find 100 abdominal exercises at all. Because so many people struggle with pudgy middles, there are hundreds upon hundreds of exercises, programs, and solutions to take care of those troublesome spots and tone up your stomach, hips, and back.

To find 100 abdominal exercises, all you have to do is type the keywords 'abdominal exercises' into a search engine and begin scrolling through the nearly three million results. Beware of any websites that suggest quick fixes or exercises that will produce results overnight. Also beware of websites that promote starving yourself or living on diet pills in order to achieve a better midsection. Remember that strengthening and toning your abdominals, as well as losing weight in that area, takes time and consistency along with balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Another place you can look for abdominal exercises if you are unsatisfied with the internet results or do not have access to the internet is in books or health magazines. Here you are unlikely to find 100 abdominal exercises all put together, but if you look at several books and magazines, you'll soon be able to put together a solid list of close to 100.

Here's  how to get started with some basic abdominal exercises.

  • If you're looking for weight loss, try high-intensity aerobic exercise such as jumping rope, jogging, or climbing stairs. These exercises, done consistently several days per week, will produce weight loss results in the lower and middle sections of the body.
  • Other aerobic exercises, including biking, swimming, dancing, or walking, will also yield results as well if done at a high enough intensity for an extended period of time.
  • For toning and strengthening of your abdominal muscles, try doing a variety of stomach crunches including traditional, oblique, reverse, or bicycle crunches. Crunches can be performed on the floor or on exercise balls.
  • You can also do traditional and oblique sit-ups. Try double leg lifts, Russian twists, or planks. Many abdominal exercises can be performed with a variety of equipment from exercise balls, medicine balls, bosu balls, hand and leg weights, and other gym equipment.

Remember whenever you are performing any abdominal exercises to go slowly and learn each move properly. Remain relaxed and don't push yourself to injury. Although abdominal exercises are easy to find, it is not recommended that you perform 100 or more exercises per day just in a quest to get a flat stomach. Remember that consistency and hard work are the key and will pay off!


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