How To Find the Latest Acai Berry Research

You may have heard or read about the acai berry and all its purported abundant benefits from talk shows, newspaper articles, or through discussions at the workplace. If you want to know more about this berry, however, it's best to research about it yourself in an intelligent, well-organized manner. As medical developments are moving at a fast pace and new findings about food and nutrition are constantly happening worldwide, it's best to rely only on the latest research to make sure that the information you are obtaining are true and reliable. So what are some steps to acquire information on the latest acai berry research?

  1. Look up acai berry in respected scientific/medical/government websites. You may choose to search acai berry information the regular way - key in the words in the search engine you normally use. When websites appear, make sure that you choose which sites to explore, probably those which are affiliated to, respected scientific, academic, medical or government websites. Another option is to go directly to credible websites that you know (again, it may be university, government or hospital-affiliated ones), and then key in "acai berry" in their provided search engine.
  2. Upon finding relevant articles, check the authorship. What are his credentials? What is his specialization? If there aren't any provided, you may look up the professional background of the writer through the Internet, yourself. Also note the date of publication. If further relevant links are provided you may follow the thread of the research from there.
  3. Check out recent articles from your local library. Another method is to hunt for relevant articles from well-respected scientific/health magazines, journals and newsletters. Ask your librarian for help on this and be sure to acquire only those that are dated most recently. You may even take note of the writer's name, and then going back to the Internet, look for other articles that this writer might have published or posted that are related to acai berry findings.
  4. Attend seminars and lectures specifically related. If you're really determined to thoroughly learn about the acai berry, keep a look out for health seminars and lectures that will take place in or near your area. Since the acai berry is a relatively new discovery and it has reached worldwide popularity, finding seminars specifically about it may not be as hard as you think. Look in the Internet for seminar announcements; look for notices in community and public bulletin boards. Join Internet forums on health and wellness and search around for any announcements regarding seminars near you. Go to your local health and gourmet stores and ask the business owner if he would know of any acai berry or health seminars that would take place.
  5. Attend general nutrition and health seminars. The topic about acai berries may come up. If it doesn't, you may raise it during the open forum or you may choose to approach the speaker and seminar presenters and inquire about acai berries after the seminar.
  6. Consult nutritionists/doctors/health professionals. Schedule an appointment with a trusted physician or nutritionist; let them know in advance that you would like to obtain information regarding acai berries, so they would have time to review about this topic. They may also have up-to-date brochures regarding this topic; feel free to request for these.

Information regarding acai berries are plentiful. It's up to you to filter the information to make sure that what you are obtaining are scientifically and medically-backed up, and are of the most recent findings. Use common sense and resourcefulness and surely you'd be able to obtain as much reliable information that you could possibly need.


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