How To Find Foods that Increase Metabolism

Aside from exercise, there are other ways you can do to increase your metabolism. One way is to eat the right foods that help in increasing your body's metabolic rate. Here are some foods you should consider eating:

  1. Almonds - These wonder nuts have essential fatty acids but are very high in calories. You can have a handful of them for mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacking to prevent you from eating too much during the main meals.
  2. Apples - Whether green or red, apples are rich in fiber but low in calorie content. Since you can eat more, apples help satiate your hunger a little longer.
  3. Beans - Legumes are full of proteins. Beans are rich in fiber too so your body will burn more calories when digesting them.
  4. Broccoli - It is not only rich in fiber but also in Vitamin C and calcium that helps increase metabolism. Calcium actually has a major role in the metabolic process but Vitamin C helps the body absorb calcium.
  5. Cinnamon - Add a dash of cinnamon in your coffee or tea to help your body burn more calories. Cinnamon also lowers your cholesterol levels.
  6. Coffee - The caffeine in coffee makes your body more alert and active to be able to move around and burn more calories. Limit your intake to 2 to 3 cups a day to prevent instances of being too giddy and irritable.
  7. Curry - This is another well-known spice, especially for Indians. Like peppers, they increase metabolism in the body and helps burn more calories.
  8. Grapefruit - Not only is this fruit rich in fiber and Vitamin C but it also decreases insulin levels in the body. This makes the body store less fats.
  9. Green tea - Drinking green tea has become a popular metabolic rate increaser as researches shows that it is rich in epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. This substance makes the brain respond to stimulus faster and the nervous system more active, therefore letting the body burn more calories.
  10. Jalapenos - Capcaisin in peppers helps the body burn more fats, even hours after you have eaten them. It also speeds up your heart rate that also increases metabolism.
  11. Oatmeal - Oatmeal is whole grain and is rich in fiber. It does not only lower your cholesterol levels but also increases metabolism by lowering the insulin level in the body.
  12. Soy milk - It is rich in calcium that increases metabolism but you will be forfeiting this purpose if you drink the sweetened variety.
  13. Spinach - This green leafy vegetable is rich in fiber and anti-oxidants. It also has Vitamin C that increases your calcium intake for a higher metabolic rate.
  14. Turkey - Turkey is lean meat that not only helps you avoid fats but also adds protein to your body for muscle building.
  15. Yogurt - Yogurt is very high in protein; thus, it makes the body work harder to process the energy that it gives.

People who are seriously on a diet do not only count what they eat but also make it a point to increase their metabolism. Increasing one's metabolism burns calories and turns fats into muscles.


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