How To get Benefits from Garlic Supplements

Health is wealth, as the popular saying goes. Hence, there is a need to constantly ensure that we maintain a healthy mind and body through regular exercise and intake of healthy food. In addition to this, most people also take vitamin supplements sold in supermarkets and drugstores nationwide as an additional health protection. There are a lot of health supplements available these days such as the food supplements, apple cider supplements, dietary supplements and lo and behold, the newest addition-garlic supplements. Not many people are familiar with this latest supplement as well as its benefits and effects, so it let's take some time to get to know more about garlic supplements.

Overview. These days, the strong-flavored garlic is not merely used to add flavor to our dishes, but has now been transformed into dietary garlic capsules as well. The medicinal properties of garlic or allium sativum, has a long history, which is the main reason why odorless garlic pills sel like hotcakes these days. One of the main components of garlic is the sulphur-bearing allicin, which is removed after the process of distillation. The end products of this process are garlic oil and other powder supplements. Among the popular brand names sold publicly include the Kwai Garlic Supplement and Kyolic Garlic Supplement. Modern technology has indeed transformed medicine because today, manufacturers have even come up with a garlic supplement for horses!

Benefits. According to some of the research data gathered by several institutions, experts have proven that garlic has a lot of health benefits. It is said to be good in fighting against bacteria such as staphylococcus and streptococcus, fungal infections, diabetes, cholesterol and many more ailments. More than all this, garlic is also said to be a good preventive medicine against cancer after Chinese experts used 20 gram dose of garlic per day during an experiment. It has been found that garlic that is grown organically produces more sulphur making it more effective and tasty as well. It would be good to also take note that aged garlic is one powerful antioxidant which can protect the body from free radicals.

Side Effects. As for the side effects of garlic, some people are wary of using this naturally made garlic product because it can possibly affect the intestinal tract if used extensively. Expectant mothers and people with thyroid and digestive problems are likewise advised not to take too many garlic capsules because they might bring about serious side effects. In addition, people who take garlic supplements are best advised to visit their doctors if they experience any bruising, bleeding, breathing problems and allergic reactions. Common effects that do not need any medical attention include sweating, upset stomach, nausea and headache.

Garlic supplements may be taken with or without water. No prior food intake is needed. If you miss a dosage, take the garlic capsule immediately. The future for garlic supplements is bright with the continuous research and development being done by experts.


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