How To Get Cancer Facts

Knowing the most about cancer involves in-depth research in order to find credible information. Here are some ways to help you get cancer facts for whatever purpose you may have:

  • Surf the Internet.  Internet search engines are useful tools for those who are seeking information.  Just type the word ‘cancer' in the search box and you will get thousands of articles to read and websites you could look into.  If you want a shorter list or more specific information, just add the words that are relevant to your search.  Try out other words that are similar to your original keywords so that you will not miss articles, which may be helpful to you. 
  • Look into cancer websites.  These are easily found in the Internet. You could ask other people if they know a cancer site that they could recommend to you.  They would contain information regarding cancer such as statistics, descriptions, effects and treatments.  You could also find support groups for cancer patients here.
  • Join online groups.  These are groups that center on the topic of cancer.  You could usually join them for free by registering and leaving a username, an e-mail account and an address.  Just remember to choose your groups wisely and make sure that these groups won't send spam mail to your inbox. As an alternative, create an e-mail account that you could use solely for registering on online groups to avoid cluttering your regular e-mail account.
  • Read online forums.  Participate in the discussions as well as start a topic of your own.  You could also read through the past entries and check out files and links.  However, keep in mind that people joining online forums have different levels of knowledge and experience regarding cancer.  The quality of responses may differ so have patience in reading through long lines of conversation in order to get essential information.
  • Read books.  There are plenty of these in your library or in bookstores under the health section.  You may also browse catalogues online to order books.  Check the table of contents to find out if the facts you are looking for are included in the book before buying.  You could also check out the date it is published to determine if the book is still relevant to the current times.
  • Read encyclopedias.  They contain credible information regarding cancer.  There are online versions available as well as those stored in CDs that you could take along with you anywhere you go.  You may have to do some additional research because encyclopedia entries tend to be short and concise.
  • Ask people who are knowledgeable about the disease.  These may be doctors, cancer specialists, therapists, health care providers, nurses, teachers or cancer patients.  If you don't know specific individuals to interview, go to places where they could be found such as hospitals, clinics and schools.  You could also check phone directories to find them.

Cancer is something worth studying because doing so may help people fight the disease or deal with it better.  Know the difference between credible and unreliable information so that you will get the best research possible.


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