How To Get Health Benefits from Ginger Extract

Ginger has been widely known for its medicinal benefits all over the world, especially in the rural areas. It has been used for preventing and treating various diseases and conditions such as inflammation, pain, cough and fever. Just like prescription drugs in the market, the ginger extract is equally useful for human health.

Ginger, like many other herbs, spices and plants available such as garlic, ginseng, black walnut, celery seed, peppermint, and licorice, have medicinal properties that acts like prescription drugs without the harmful side effects. Since time immemorial, herbs and other plants are often used to prevent illnesses, cure diseases and heal negative body conditions. Since they provide natural treatment to people, herbal medicines are used liberally without the fear of side effects and overdose. With prescription drugs available in the market today, people question the abilities of herbs and plants to heal and cure. Today, holistic living and healing through alternative medicines have come back. Herbs regained their popularity as more and more supplements claim to have natural healing properties that came from these herbs and plants.

Ginger alone has a lot of medicinal benefits to our health. The gingerol, which can be extracted from ginger, can be used to reduce fever. The extract to be used should be at least 5% in gingerol content. Ginger extract also serves as a natural pain relief, and thus without adverse side effects that drugs can give, to provide relief to headaches, back pain, arthritis and among others. Aside from being a pain reliever, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory medicine. Since ginger extract is a natural supplement, there are no unwanted side effects that prescription drugs usually give. Gingerol can also act as a cough suppressant without the risk of side effects. Originally taken as a ginger tea, the ginger extract must also be standardized to be at least 5% gingerol content.

The stomach also gets a lot of benefits from ginger extract especially if they're gaseous, painful or bloating. Furthermore, ginger extract can treat irritable bowel movement and indigestion. People with arthritis also get health benefits from the ginger extract. Cyclooxygenase, or COX, is known to be one of the biochemicals that causes the inflammation. It has been thought that a component in ginger extract may be a COX inhibitor. This is good though since natural COX inhibitors do not have side effects that COX inhibitor prescription drugs can give. Furthermore, the extract also serves as a reliever for pains associated with arthritis.

Ginger extract is also believed to be beneficial for those suffering from high blood pressure levels and high blood sugar levels. Ginger extract may also serve an antihistamine without the side effects for those suffering from allergies. Furthermore, the heart also gets benefits out of the ginger extract. The extract helps prevent the build-up of cholesterol on your artery walls, and thus, maintaining good blood circulation and healthy cholesterol levels. Travelers also find ginger extract beneficial since it can relieve the vertigo and nausea associated with traveling. They can take in the ginger extract without fear of the unwanted side effects since it is a natural medicine.

Isn't that amazing how a natural ingredient such as ginger extract can cure and prevent a wide range of illnesses from a simple fever to cholesterol and high blood pressure?


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