How Can I Lower My Blood Sugar

The blood sugar level affects how the body responds to threats such as infections, healing, and clotting. With a high blood sugar level, the body will not be able to heal properly and will make the immune system less effective. In extreme cases, a medical condition known as diabetes can even develop, in which the body is unable to process the high blood sugar levels, usually because insulin is no longer made by the body. Here’s how you can get lower blood sugar levels easily.

Exercise. One of the simplest ways of getting lower blood sugar levels is through daily exercise. Daily exercise does not only keep your muscles toned and your cardiovascular system working properly, but it also helps the body naturally use the glucose in the blood stream as an energy source for the exercise routines. This will help to minimize the blood sugar level in the body. You do not need to take up extreme sports or very strenuous exercise to lower your sugar level. Fifteen to thirty minutes of brisk walking a day is usually enough. Instead of taking the car to work, simply walk to the office, for example.

Cinnamon. Studies show that cinnamon naturally lowers the blood sugar levels in the body. Cinnamon can sticks can be ground down and used to flavor your coffee, tea, or even your yogurt. You can also use cinnamon tablets that are available in health shops. Keep in mind, however, that cinnamon buns should still be avoided since the positive effects of cinnamon are usually cancelled out by the high sugar content in cinnamon buns.

Relaxation. When the body is stressed, it focuses on the production of adrenalin and other hormones, instead of insulin. Minimizing the stress levels at home and at work is a great way to foster insulin production and let the body process glucose instead of fat for energy production if you work in high stress industries, practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and visualization. It will not only calm you down but will also lower your blood sugar levels. You can also put in some gentle and soothing music in your portable music player so that you can easily relax while at work or while commuting to work.

Water. Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day will also help to keep your blood sugar controlled. You can make water drinking even more powerful in lowering blood sugar level by adding ginseng tea to your drink, or some cinnamon to flavor your water. Licorice extract and huckleberries are also great in promoting the hormones that keep the blood sugar level down.

Finally, remember that one of the factors that will directly affect your blood sugar level is the type of food you eat. You should avoid high-glycemic foods that will strain the pancreas. These high-glycemic foods are more difficult to process because it requires more insulin that the pancreas makes. Instead, you can focus on low-glycemic foods such as oat meals, peas, granola, and other high fiber foods. Some of the high-glycemic foods to avoid are breads, pasta, and rice.


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