How Genetics affects Diseases and Health

Ever wondered why you’re on the heavy side when eating is not really your favorite pastime? Ever wondered why from your great grandmother, asthma has always been present in the family? Studies have shown that this is due to genetics.

Genetics is about scientific findings about traits, genes and the connections of bodily organisms passed on from one family member to another. It could also apply to animals and plants. For the most part, it involves the study of DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid, a molecule inside each human being, which could be vital in knowing if a certain disease has been in the family for years. DNA testing is also being used outside of health research in areas such as forensic science for unsolved crimes, DNA paternity test for legal cases and more. To discover genetic relations and their effect on people, it is essential that DNA genealogy be well looked into. This would help chiefly in health and disease related problems.

To give you a much better understanding, genes are what you are initially composed of, they are like the rules that each part of your body and internal organs follow. If the initial rule or gene expression is that you can resist a particular type of illness then that is what is going to happen. If the rule that was made was weak, then your body will slowly weaken and lower its defenses. There are good and bad code genes. Good genes can help you overcome diseases, and will give you better health and bad genes will help you incur or develop one.

In the field of genetics, a medical breakthrough called the Human Genome Project started in 1990 where a team of scientists and doctors began mapping the human genome by extensively studying the numerous cells in the human body in order to find out about getting treatment for all kinds of diseases. One of its main studies is genetic engineering, which is disputed by many. This project however is still highly anticipated and will hopefully be completed in the years to come. It will provide answers to long unanswered questions about the genetic code, the genetic drift and answers to many illnesses.

For the moment, some surprising findings have come up:

  1. Happiness is influenced by genes. There are some people who are just destined to have a pretty happy disposition compared to others.
  2. Gene classification can help in the cure for children with severe arthritis.
  3. An international team has discovered a gene for helping people with type 2 Diabetes.
  4. There might be a possibility of early detection for the cure of uterine cancer.
  5. Genes affect the severity of asthma.
  6. How the DNA changes or transforms causes prostate cancer.
  7. Genetic counseling can help in preventing disease before it is even present.

Those mentioned are just a few of tens of discoveries made each day in the genetic field. It is indeed a very intellectual branch of science that can benefit the whole world and help in ongoing health problems. If you know that your family has a history of cancer, it is more likely that you are at risk. Ask your doctor about information on this or if he can refer you to a genetic expert. One of the greatest medical breakthroughs is at your fingertips. Make use of it. 


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