How Many Calories Does Muscle Really Burn?

This is a great question about how many calories are burned by muscle movements and weight training or weight exercise.  There are many answers to this, however what is the truth?   You can go to a thousand doctors and ask this same question, and I promise you they all will come back and say about the same thing.  In my own quest to gain muscle and lose fat, I have found that the basic knowledge is the best.

There are 3,500 calories to a pound of body fat, and in order to lose a pound per week you would need to decrease your calorie intake by around 250 calories a day, as well as increase muscle mass workouts in which you must burn 250 calories more per workout.

In riding a redundant bike for 90 minutes per workout, you are using muscle to push those pedals, and according to the meter on the redundant stationary bike, you have burned 487 calories… divide 487/90=5.41 calories burned per minute.

Each pound of muscle burns an extra 50 calories per day, the less fat that need to be burned, the more muscle you have, and can start to maintain a healthy life with your goals met.  During a workout with weights for thirty minutes you can expect to burn 275 calories of fat by building up muscle.  The goal here is have more lead muscle mass and less fat to be trim and healthy.

Remember while burning calories by building muscle, to drink your weight in water.  Water is a vital part of your life. To determine how much water a person needs per day is simple. You take your body weight right now as it is, and divide your weight by 2, and that is how many ounces of water you need.  For example, if you weigh 150 lbs, you divide by 2 and it = 75 oz’s.

Everyone needs a balanced diet, even if you are not trying to burn calories by muscle building.  A balance diet would consist of 20% fat, (good fats), 60% carbohydrates, (total carbohydrates) and 20% protein, and to help you balance that out through the day, let’s take it as such.  Breakfast is 25%, Lunch 50%, and supper 25%, and try not to have anything after 6 pm to 7 pm.  A cup of green tea will help cleanse you in the night, so go right ahead and have a cup of hot or cold green tea.  If you like yours sweet, then add stevia, a naturally sweet plant that is crushed and makes a wonderful sweetener that has 2% of your daily fiber requirement per 6 drops.


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