How Probiotic Yogurt Aids in Digestion

If you’re already taking yogurt as part of your diet, then here’s a plus for you! There’s a new yogurt out in the market: the probiotic yogurt. Yogurt is probiotic when it contains lactobacillus. It’s basically plain yogurt with an added strain of cultured bacteria that’s good for you.

Probiotic yogurt contains Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, plus L. acidophilus. Another bacterium that is added in some of these probiotic yogurts is Lactobacillus acidophilus, which produces vitamin K, lactase, and other anti-microbial substances and can even help with bacterial vaginosis. This bacterium is used medicinally as it is called probiotic. Be wary though: people with intestinal damage, a weak immune system, and overgrowth of intestinal bacteria should avoid this. Probiotics have a lot of benefits. For one, they aid and maintain the rate of digestion in our intestines. They alter our intestinal microbalance, stop the growth of harmful bacteria, boost our immune systems and combat the bad bacteria in our intestines so that we are less prone to getting sick. They also produce natural antibiotics in our systems and ease allergic reactions. And as an added benefit, they relieve stress. When digestion goes smoothly in our systems, we are kept stress-free. Because stress can affect our digestion, neutralizing this will make wonders for our body.

One of the biggest producers of this is Dannon, specifically for their product known as Activia. It’s great-tasting and low in fat; it contains Bifidus Regularis, which enters your colon and helps slow intestinal transit. This can benefit your digestion in only 2 weeks. Eating it daily will help maintain this benefit. And this is also another great benefit for mothers whose babies are frequently constipated: mix this healthy treat into your baby’s formula and it’s sure to calm the little one.

Bite of the Best’s FAGE Total 0% is an authentic Greek yogurt. Its 0% fat variety is creamy but not heavy and is totally guilt-free!

If you are in the US, your biggest bet would be the Colombo Yogurt since way back 1929. These are low-fat, calcium-rich yogurts that are good for those who want to lose weight!

New Yorkers love the benefit they get from La Yogurt. It helps boost immunity and of course, it aids in digestion. They now also have light yogurt, which is non-fat. This means that it has less than 100 calories and 0g of total fat! Light yogurt is manufactured by La Yogurt, Dannon, Colombo, among others.

If what you want is not really yogurt, then try Soy Yogurt. It’s a good source of probiotics and lactic acid for those who are lactose intolerant. It is generally made from soy milk, but is made in the same way as real yogurt. It ferments the two previous bacteria found in yogurt into lactic acid, lowering the pH level of yogurt and preventing the growth of dangerous bacteria. Soy isoflavones, specifically the genisteins, are believed to prevent or treat certain types of cancer. So whatever you think is good for you, remember that probiotic yogurt, a step up from ordinary yogurt, can double up in aiding your digestion. Now, that’s one happy stomach, and one happy you!


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