How To Accept Your Illness

Learning that you have an incurable illness that will slowly eat away at your health is always not easy. In fact, most people find it hard to cope with this brutal truth. If you are feeling this way, then you are one of millions of people having the same feelings and difficulties. Normally, attacks of denial, bitterness, and outright depression are some of the things you can expect to feel. Again, this is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you do nothing about these and continue to languish about what could have been and how unfair life has been to you, you will begin to notice that the joys of life are passing you by. You really need to learn to accept your illness for what it is and live the precious time you have left in your life to its fullest. Here are some tips on how to achieve this acceptance and continue on with your life.

  • Speak with a professional. One way to counteract all the negative feelings that you will begin to feel once you learn that your life is unfair due to a terrible illness is to talk about it with someone that can provide you mental and emotional guidance. The best option is to talk to a professional like a psychiatrist, psychologist, or counselor. If you have certain religious beliefs, then talking to your church or spiritual leader would be an alternative. These people can help you talk about your issues and bitterness about what has befallen you and can help you view the whole thing in a more positive perspective.
  • Talk to someone with the same affliction. Another way to help you accept your illness is to find someone that has the same illness or disease and has found a way live his life positively in spite of the affliction. Ask your physician to recommend one of his patients that has exhibited a more positive way of life. You can find these people in illness-specific support groups. Check your community center, local churches, and hospitals for these groups. Talking to people with the same affliction can help you express your negative sentiments and provide you with a better outlook since you now know that you are not the only one suffering.
  • Stay positive. This is probably easier said than done but many believe that if you can stay positive that the whole outlook and attitude may lead to medical miracles and mysterious healing. It has happened before, so who knows, it could happen to you.
  • Let your family and friends in to your world. Living with an illness is quite difficult especially if you are trudging through the path alone. It can be easier and more enjoyable if you can allow your family, friends, and loved ones, join you in the path. This will help you accept the illness for what it is and that it should not control who you are, what you are feeling, and more importantly, how you should live your life. With the help of the people close to you, you can overcome all the negative feelings and move on the better things.

You can avoid all the negative thoughts and attitude that will begin to creep into your system by just being more open and vocal about what is happening inside of you. Expressing yourself is always the best thing you can do in taking the first step to a more positive and fulfilling life regardless of what medical condition has found its way on you.


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