How To Achieve Great Abdominals

If you are one of those people fascinated with six-packs or at least with flat stomachs and wondered how to get one of those, here are some tips.

First and foremost, you need to devise a diet chart - which basically is a list of what you can eat and how frequently it is eaten. Consult a dietician for this one, or if you go to a gym, your gym instructor can also be of help in this area. Basically, this is essential to regulate food intake and thereby control fat build-up around your belly. Generally speaking, fat accumulates if you eat more than you can burn. So, get a diet chart and follow it with no compromises.

Next, get instructions for a workout regime, one that is useful to your body without straining or damaging it. Commence with exercises to tone the stomach and the muscles on the side of your body. Normally, one can achieve great abdominals by adopting a 4-6 step short exercise routine. This will consist of crunches where you move your body from a flat, prone position upwards towards your knee; next would be the hanging knee exercise, bending knees and moving legs to work the abdominal muscles. Another routine would include raising legs in upwardly movement while supporting the body firmly on the ground as also parallel exercises, where legs are raised partially and lowered to the ground and so on. Remember that each of these routines is to be repeated several times in a coordinated manner. You can take short rests in between if unable to continue. Try taking fewer breaks and sticking to the routine as the days progress.

If you prefer to work-out at home without the help of an instructor, there are several videos available at local music stores as also on the internet, but choose one that is popular or which is recommended by reliable people. You could also just go to the gym for a few months to perfect these routines and then continue exercising at home.

Additionally, a mild workout of lifting weights will help tone the muscles. Also, consider cardio-training for burning out the fat accumulations faster. Brisk walking and jogging on the treadmill and cycling for short intervals will be helpful.

Some of the essentials to support your exercise routines are:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing that doesn't hang nor is it too tight on the body
  2. Use light cushioned exercise or yoga mats for lying down on the floor
  3. Control your breathing while doing the exercise routines; I cannot emphasize enough on how vital proper breathing is to overall healthy body as well as to support your workout regime
  4. Pay attention to what you eat and do not drastically reduce on proteins, carbohydrates or vitamins
  5. Take adequate proportions that support work-outs and not tire you needlessly
  6. Consume sufficient amount of water and other liquids like fresh fruit juices, buttermilk and Soya milk; exercise dehydrates the body

As always, it does not serve well to over-work or over-strain oneself. Figure out a routine that you can keep consistently and stick to it, gradually increasing the intensity and number of repetitions to achieve better results.


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