How To Add Gelatin to Healthy Vegan or Vegetarian Diet

Turning into a vegan or vegetarian as a personal choice is now becoming a trend for many people these days. A lot have chosen to adhere in excluding animals for food mainly as an ethical commitment and moral conviction concerning animal’s welfare. The main reason is because of excessive use of animals in laboratory testing and factory farming.

Vegans would rather not eat animals and would go instead for other foods that can satisfy their nutritional needs. Vegetarians just like vegans practice a plant-based diet including fruits, vegetables cereals, nuts and a lot more. What’s good about this is that these foods offer more protection against heart disease, cancer and other diseases as they do not contain cholesterol.

As vegans and vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, shellfish etc. and even products of animal slaughter like gelatins, they may unknowingly consume it as most cheeses contain some animal ingredients. For everyone’s awareness, gelatin is a protein derived from the collagen inside animal’s skin, bones, connective tissues and organs, from animals like cattle, pigs and even horses.

Even though that’s the source of gelatin, vegans or vegetarians still prefer to include them in their diet because it was found that gelatin has nutritional components that relieve knee joint pain and stiffness. With this benefit, here’s how to add gelatin to a healthy vegan or vegetarian diet.

  • Look for rice starch alternatives. Groceries offer this kind of alternative to get the same cooking functionality of a gelatin.
  • Try a soy-based alternative as well. A product called NuSoy Gel contains 100% of vitamin C and was created out of soy, no other ingredients was used.
  • Give it a try on seaweed based alternatives too as they can have the same culinary function of a gelatin.
  • Take more calcium everyday. Drink more milk and take a capsule of calcium once a day. They have the same effect of improving joint health like the benefit we get from gelatin.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. Known as a good source of vitamin C that also benefits the joints.
  • Purchase supplements that contain glucosamine. Glucosamine is also known to improve joint health. It can be bought from local grocery stores and pharmacies.
  • Refrain from smoking and do a regular exercise. Having a healthy lifestyle must be maintained not just on our regular food intake. Stretching and running make wonders for stronger and healthy joints.

These are just some of the tips on how to add gelatin to a healthy vegan or vegetarian diet but there’s still more out there. Do further research or read health magazines and vegetarian cookbooks. You can also ask advice from vegans or vegetarians alike.
It’s really amazing to see more and more people becoming concern with the animal’s welfare and sacrifice their joy in eating delicious meat. Actually, it benefits them both. Healthy joint for humans while safety and restoration for the animals.


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