How To Add Nutrition to Your Family's Favorite Meals

Every parent probably wonders at some point how to add nutrition to the family's favorite meals. Of course, you must find ways to add nutritional value to the menu without having a family mutiny.

Decide what nutritional items you want to add to the meals your family enjoys most. Using a blender to puree vegetables that can be hidden when added to favorite meals is a popular way to add nutrients. If your family enjoys homemade soups, pureeing additional vegetables to add to the recipe you use can be an easy way to assure more quality foods are eaten by your family members. Pureed items can also be used with canned soup to add to it's quality.

Many people enjoy pizza on a regular basis, and parents may feel this is not the best meal. However, here is another place where you can use purees. Use homemade or purchased tomato sauce and add the puree to the sauce. Some easy additions that should go unnoticed include frozen carrots, peas and canned beans. A sauce made this way is also great for adding more nutrition to family's  favorite pasta dishes.

If you don't feel you have to hide what is good for them from family meals, perhaps a tray of raw vegetables before each meal would work. Many kids like raw carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower and celery as long as they have some sort of dip to go with the veggies. A dip for the veggies can be their favorite dressing, salsa or one you have concocted.

Offering small amounts of fruits before or during a meal can add many nutrients to meals your family may otherwise miss. Think about having orange sections and apple slices before a meal or on the dinner plate. Once your family sees this on a regular basis they won't be surprised that it is a part of a meal.

Homemade quick breads that include bananas, blueberries and apples are easy to fix, and usually enjoyed by everyone. Any simple recipe can be adjusted to include other fruits as needed to make the bread something everyone will eat. These breads are another place purees can be used if you have to hide the fruit from a picky eater. When made sweet, the recipe can be used as a dessert. With a little less sugar you may want to use breads as part of the meal.

Adding nutrition to your family's favorite meals may be easier if you juice fresh fruits and have the juice with or between meals. This gives you the option of adding some fruits your family may not usually eat. Also, the juice can be frozen to make frozen juice bars or used to make an ice slushy. Both are popular with kids.


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