How To Afford LASIK Surgery

Thinking of having your vision permanently corrected with LASIK eye surgery? Don't let the cost of it deter you. Think of how much you'll save when you don't have to buy glasses or contacts anymore! Here are a few ways that you can financially afford LASIK eye surgery.

Step 1

Dip into your savings. The easiest way to afford and pay for LASIK surgery is to pay for it with cash that you already have. If you really want LASIK surgery, use some of your savings to finance it. You won't have any debts afterwards, which will save you much stress. Understanding that this type of corrective eye surgery costs several thousands of dollars, it may not always be a feasible financing option. Still, if you've got the money, don't second-guess the choice to pay for LASIK out of your own pocket.

Step 2

Opt for financing. No matter where you go for your LASIK surgery, there will be financing options available to you in order to help you afford LASIK surgery. Make sure you understand the conditions of the financing if you go through LASIK though, as it will vary depending on your credit and their policies. Some may expect you to pay off your bill within 3 months, and others are willing to let you defer total payment for up to 5 years. And if you're lucky, you might be able to find LASIK financing that is interest-free. (Beware the opposite of this though-some financing companies can charge you upwards of 24%!) Regardless of what financing option you choose, understand that you will most likely have to put down a substantial deposit before your surgery takes place. If you start saving for this now, you should be able to afford LASIK surgery by getting financing through LASIK.

Step 3

Get a loan from your bank. If you don't like the sounds of getting financing through the actual LASIK office, you can also approach your bank. Inquire about a line of credit or a personal loan. The best option for you really depends on how long you think it will take you to pay back your loan to your bank. Interest rates will vary depending on the length of the loan, but it is suggested that you go with the shortest loan term that has monthly payments you can afford.

Step 4

Sell something. In this economy, it's never a good idea to get yourself into more debt, no matter how much you want to have LASIK surgery. So the best option is still to use your own money in order to be able to afford LASIK eye surgery. And if that means selling something that you own in order to come up with the cash, then that's what you just might have to do. Do you have any higher-priced items that you can afford to part with in order to finance your LASIK surgery? Place some free ads in your local newspaper and see if you can make any money that way. You could also hold a garage sale to help supplement the cost of LASIK eye surgery. Sure, it won't pay for the whole bill. But at least it's going to allow you to afford more of the LASIK surgery out of your own pocket rather than going into debt.


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