How To Apply for Medicare Part B Plan

Medicare Part A will help you pay for your hospital fees, while Medicare Part B is the one that will help you pay your doctor’s services and other medical fees. You need to apply with the Social Security Administration even if you are still working so you can get covered and receive benefits from your Social Security retirement.

You are automatically registered in Medicare Plan B if you are a member of the Social Security System. Most people are not qualified for Medicare Part B before they reach 65 years old whether they are working or not because these people are not registered in the Social Security Administration. You need to pay monthly premiums if you want to apply for Medicare Part B plan. Below are instructions and tips on how to apply for Medicare Part B plan.

  • Determine your Medicare Part A qualifications. If you are under 65 years old and qualified to get at least two years of Social Security benefits, then you are qualified to get Medicare Part A. Also, you are qualified if you are under 65 years old but is disabled or suffering from diseases like Lou Gehrig’s or kidney failure.
  • Identify if your primary enrollment period is over. You have a six-month window for your enrollment for Medicare Plan B. It starts the moment you have become qualified to apply for Medicare Part A. Start your application process using the Social Security Administration’s website if your primary enrollment period is not yet over.
  • Determine the coming general period enrollment if you have missed the primary enrollment period. It usually happens during the year’s first quarter, but there is a delayed coverage until July 1. The premiums of your Medicare Part B can go up to 10% every year if you delay your Medicare Part B enrolment after the primary enrollment period.  Consider an application through Direct Deposit program. It can help your deposit your Medicare benefits directly through your bank account.
  • Apply online for your Medicare Part B. Fill-up the questionnaire and you will get document notifications that you need to provide. It is easier to apply online. Ask someone to help you apply through the Internet.
  • Gather your social security card, birth certificate, 1099 or W-2 forms, naturalization documents, and other necessary documents. Bring the requested documents to any Social Security office so you can finish your application process.

Medicare Part B will cover 80% of your reasonable covered fees. You need to pay the remaining 20% and any extra fees for the covered items that surpass the expenses that Medicare describes as reasonable. This amount is lesser compared to the fees that will charged to you by physicians. The reasonable covered fees of Medicare Plan B are doctor’s services, outpatient care, occupational or physical therapist and other home health care.

If you aren’t a United States citizen, contact any Social Security Administration office so you can learn if you can be qualified. Apply for your Medicare plan B as soon as possible, and check or encourage your family and friends to apply also.


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