How To Apply for Medicare Part D Plan

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Food, clothing, and shelter—these are said to be the basic necessities of men. But with the increasing health concerns, more and more people start to realize that medicines should be part of the basic necessities, too. That is why the government is lending a hand for people who always need medicines but don’t always have enough money to sustain these. Medicare Part D is there to help people get their needed medicines with lesser financial burdens.

Medicare Part D is especially created so that the government can subsidize for prescription drugs that Medicare beneficiaries use. With this, you pay only a part of the total amount of medicines. It may also help you save on medical services. But before you can enjoy any benefits, you have to apply for Medicare Part D first. The steps below will be your guides to finish the application:

  • Determine if you are eligible for Medicare Part D. You are eligible if you are already a beneficiary of either Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. It is still best to know the eligibility requirements in your state because in some states, both the Part A and Part B are needed before one can apply for Medicare Part D.
    • In case you don’t have a Medicare insurance, then it’s time to get one. You must be a citizen of the USA and 65 years old or older. Call the Medicare hotline at 1-800-MEDICARE. You may also visit their website to check if you have the insurance and if you are eligible to get the Medicare Part D.
    • Take note that if you are eligible, you can only enroll for Medicare Part D from November 15 to December 31 every year. The coverage can be used starting January 1 of the next year. In case you are already eligible and you have decided to enroll later, you will pay a fee. The fee varies from state to state and from person to person.
  • Decide on the Part D coverage plan. Enrolling to the coverage will be easy but choosing the coverage plan will be difficult. There are two general plans to choose from—Medicare Prescription and Medicare Advantage. The Medicare Prescription plan adds drug coverage to other Medicare plans. Medicare advantage does the same as the former, only that this one adds health plans besides the drug plans.
    • The amount you’ll pay will depend on the coverage. Help yourself get the best plan by comparing your options using the Medicare Plan Finder. Expect to pay about $30 for the monthly premium, $275 deductible, and your payment portion for the drugs you will buy.
  • Enroll. There are many ways to enroll to Medicare Part D. You can call the hotline mentioned above, call the plan you’ve chosen, enroll through the plan’s website, or complete a paper application and submit it to the nearest Medicare office.

After sending your application, you only need to wait for it to be approved. Soon, you can enjoy the subsidy from the government for your medicines and other medical needs. It will be best to know more information, though. You should be aware of your possible benefits and limitations once you are already covered. Remember, you will be paying for the insurance, so you deserve to enjoy what are rightfully yours.


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