How To Apply Heating Compress to Relieve Sore Throat

Sore throats are annoying. They are that scratchy, uncomfortable feeling in your throat. They make it difficult for a person to swallow food. One of the main causes of sore throats is common viruses and bacteria. There are many ways to relieve sore throat. You can take lozenges that will keep your throat from drying. You can also gargle with salt water three times a day. Another way is to apply heating compress to your throat until you start feeling better. Heating compress is the use of at least three folds of cloth, cold water and a heavy blanket to bring warmth to your throat. This natural remedy is very easy to do if you know all the right steps.

Here are the steps that you should take if you want to apply heating compress to relieve sore throat:

  • Prepare all of the materials that you need. To perform the cold compress, you will need the following materials: cold water, washcloth, towel, a thick, heavy cloth, cotton cloth and safety pins. Choose a cotton cloth that you can wrap around your neck for three times. Make sure that the other cloth you get is thicker than your cotton cloth. You can use dry flannel or wool.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Find a place where you can be comfortable. Choose a place where it is okay for you to spill water. Wear thick clothing that will make you feel warm. Make sure that your hair is out of the way by tying it up.
  • Bake and then shake. Get your cotton cloth and soak it in the water. Make sure that every part of the cloth is completely soaked. Squeeze it dry. Make sure to remove all the excess water. Fold it. Make sure that it can cover your entire neck.
  • That’s a wrap! Wrap the wet cotton cloth three times around your neck. Make sure that it is secure but comfortable. Do not wrap it too tightly around your neck to avoid further aggravation in your throat area. Let the two ends of the cloth overlap each other. Secure it with safety pins.
  • Wrap it up. Wrap the thick cloth around your neck. It should cover the wet cotton cloth completely. Again, make sure that you are comfortable. Being unable to breath is an indication that you wrapped it too tight. Allow the ends of the thick cloth to overlap each other. Secure them with a pin.
  • Let it simmer for five minutes. Leave the heating compress on for a couple of hours. Help yourself in a comfortable position while you wait. Make sure that you can breathe easily. Make sure that you are warm. You can cover yourself with a blanket if you want.
  • You can now rest with ease. Remove the heating compress. Wash the washcloth in cold water. Rub it around the throat area. Dry your neck off with the towel. Let your neck rest for at least twenty minutes. Repeat the entire procedure to perform another heating compress on your throat. For best results, you can leave the last heating compress session on overnight.

Your sore throat should not be a reason for you not to sleep well at night. Something as simple as a heating compress can help ease the discomforts you are feeling. You only have to make sure that you do everything right. With these steps, you can easily put a stop to sore throat.


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