How To Apply Reflexology to the Feet

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If you are one of the many who are experiencing a lot of stress and health issues, try foot reflexology. Foot reflexology claims to decrease the feeling of stress, body aches and even helps in weight loss. It believes in the principle that the feet have a connection to the parts of a human body. It sees the toes as the head, the flesh before the toes as the chest, the back of the feet as legs and etc. It might sound quackery for some but it has proven very beneficial to people with health problems. You can apply reflexology to your own feet and try to see if it has an effect on you. Follow the steps below.

  1. Grab any therapeutic or massage oil you can find. Find a comfortable area in your house where you can do the procedure. Remove your socks and shoes. Apply oil to your feet by getting an ample amount. Putting on good music can be a plus. A copy of a foot reflexology chart is a great help.
  2. Stand and do a minute of stretching first. This is to ready your mind and body for the reflexology process. Lift one foot and rotate your ankle clockwise, then counter clockwise. Do the same to the other ankle.
  3. Sit and hold your foot. Press on the flesh at the top of your foot. Do this lightly as if massaging. Do not press too hard.
  4. Squeeze the toes and balls of your feet. As above, do this lightly, not too hard but you would still feel the pressure.
  5. This time sit down with your legs laid out in front of you in straight lines. Grab both your toes and pull them towards you then back. Repeat in a few times. Just a forward and back movement for the toes. This action causes the toxins that have built up in your upper body to move down till they are taken out.
  6. Stretch back and reach for your feet. This time you would have to lift your feet up and down. It’s kind of like bouncing in a light way but holding your feet while you do. This relaxes your muscles and decreases toxins.
  7. If you have a headache, the foot has a corresponding area, which are the toes. It might sound strange but if you press on your big toe and hold it between your fingers it can alleviate that pain. Hold with enough pressure for a couple of minutes and you will feel some relief.
  8. Check your chart, and find an area where you feel muscle pain or any ache. If you have shoulder pain on the right side of your body, hold your right foot. Press on the area below your smallest toe and apply pressure.
  9. Basically, you just check what hurts and press on the corresponding part of the foot. You can also just press on the different muscles of your feet, if an area hurts that is where you apply pressure. You might even discover disorders in your body by checking what area it corresponds to in the chart.

Foot reflexology may sound simple to do but the benefits are hardly simple. It is surprising but it has made believers out of many skeptics. Try it at home and you will be amazed at the wonders of this alternative health process. 


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