How To Assume the Mountain Pose in Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise that not only gives your body a complete stretch and workout, but also provides an excellent workout for the mind and soul.  There are thousands of poses in yoga, which is basically a structure that your body forms when moving from one position to another.  Once a pose is achieved, it is held for a number of seconds and breaths.  Then, the pose is released and the body continues moving with a smooth flow into the next pose.

A very common pose in a typical yoga workout is the mountain pose, also known in yoga as tadasana in Sanskrit.  Assuming the mountain pose is very simple and it only takes a few simple steps to achieve.

  • Begin by standing upright, with the arms at your sides and the feet together.  Make sure that your big toes are touching one another. 
  • Carefully, and working with grace and ease, lift up all of your toes and fan them out, as if they were webbed.  This creates a nice base for your balance, which is a key element in assuming the mountain pose in yoga.
  • Reposition all of your weight so that it is equal on all four corners of your feet. 
  • Evenly distribute your weight so that the feet and calves serve as roots for the body and draw the quadriceps upward.  Doing this should cause your knee caps to rise upward as well.
  • Slowly, and while breathing in, rotate your thighs inward and tuck your tailbone between your sitting bones.  Simultaneously tuck the belly in on your inhalation breath.  The neck should be long with the top of the head rising towards the ceiling.  Arms can be at your sides or stretched upward coming to a point. 
  • At this point, you have successfully achieved the mountain pose.

Although it may seem as if you are just standing there, focus on your breathing and pay attention to the alignment of your back muscles.  Everything should be in a straight line, from the top of the head, through the neck, and down the spine all the way to the heels.  Hold this pose for several seconds.  You can even hold it for up to a whole minute if you choose.

The mountain pose is a great yoga pose for helping adjust the back muscles and aid in better posture.  Although the mountain pose is a basic and fundamental position, it is very useful and often leads up to more complex poses.


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