How To Avoid Feeling Hungover

It’s the “morning-after” woozy feeling that you hate. Your eyelids feel like they’re taped together with staple wires. Your head feels like it’s been stuck between two bulldozers. The inside of your mouth feels like you ingested a whole pack of cotton (and it tastes gross, too!). You’re nauseous and sluggish. There’s a name for it—it’s called a hangover and it sucks big time.

If you’re the type who parties like a rock star and wishes to wake up feeling fresh after a late night party swing, how about taking a swig of some helpful tips to avoid the hangover?

  1. Do not drink on an empty stomach. Eat a proper meal before hitting the party circuit, more so if you’re planning to drink at a party. If it’s an all-nighter party, the rule of thumb is to take in one drink per hour.
  2. Vitamins B and C help in replenishing your body. Take a couple of these vitamin capsules or get your vitamin fix straight from a juice carton.
  3. Have glass of milk. Milk binds with alcohol helping your body absorb it slowly.
  4. Have the discipline to drink in moderation and choose which liquor or cocktail contains the least amount of alcohol. The lighter the better.
  5. Mix it up. Soda and alcohol or juice and alcohol make for a great-tasting drink.
  6. Alternate between water and alcohol.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, coffee will not help you get over a hangover. It will only dehydrate you.
  8. Get on the treadmill or go for a run. Sweating gets the toxins out of your system. Hydrate with water vitamins or plain water while exercising.
  9. Do Bikram Yoga. This type of hot yoga gets your body into some serious profuse sweating which eliminates toxins in your body.
  10. After exercising, take a very cold shower then place an icepack on your head in case of a headache.
  11. Sleep it off. Your body needs to recharge and repair itself after an intoxicating night.
  12. Blend a banana, some strawberries, oranges, and milk. This is a healthy and delicious way to replenish your body when feeling hungover.
  13. Recite this as your drinking mantra. Liquor before beer, dear. Beer before liquor only makes you sick.
  14. Hurl if you need to but do it in the privacy of your own restroom or head for the nearest public restroom if you’re drinking away from home.
  15. Fake it. If you’re a non-drinker or simply allergic to alcohol, very surreptitiously tip your glass on the nearest potted plant. You can also take very small sips from your glass.
  16. The morning after, avoid greasy food. Take water, fruits, juices, crackers, and a light soup (vegetable or chicken).

Do not feel guilty about a hangover. Everyone at more than one point in his life had gone through a drinking soiree and had learned from it. However, just a word of caution here, intoxication is a dangerous playground. Alcohol abuse kills so drink in moderation and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.


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